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Tablesaw Tablesawsen ([personal profile] tablesaw) wrote2009-04-21 05:35 am

Tablesaw's Temporary Dreamwidth Access Post

Short version:
If you want access to locked filters on Dreamwidth, reply to this post at Dreamwidth. If you want access to any particular filter (really the only one that's continuing is the extremely sporadic sex filter), make a note of that too. If you don't have a Dreamwidth account, just respond using an Open ID account, and I'll give that Open ID account access. When you log in with Open ID, you'll be able to see the locked posts. All comments to this entry are screened by default to prevent any undue embarrassment.

Long Version:
Eventually, the DW Import tool will be able to import my posting filters from LJ, populating the my access list and filters groups with the Open ID accounts of every person who already has access on LJ. But for now, it doesn't and while all my old filters still exist, there isn't anybody in added to them at the moment. With this post, I'm going to start adding some people by hand, and hoping to get by without doing to much locking. When I get the chance, I'm going to add everybody else en masse.

When Open Beta starts and invite codes flow more freely and the importer is in better shape, I'll revisit how I do my access stuff in general. But for now, I'm just going to see if this works.

Also, Open IDs work a little different on Dreamwidth. [ profile] nothings asks "Er, isn't the whole point of Open ID that you just use an Open ID from anywhere, and don't have to 'establish accounts' at all?"

This is true if it stops at commenting, but Dreamwidth has a bit more going on with its Open ID accounts. Although Open IDs can't create posts, they can be given access to a DW journal just like a regular account, and Open ID users can subscribe to DW journals to create a personalized reading page on Dreamwidth. You can set and verify an e-mail address so that you get notifications when someone replies to your comment. And you can upload icons to use when commenting.

So when there are locked posts crossposted from DW to LJ, you can log in with an LJ Open ID to get access to the commenting on DW.

Incidentally, there are plans to eventually allow users with full Dreamwidth accounts to "claim" Open ID accounts at DW. So everyone's advised not to delete the Open ID account if and when you get a full account.

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