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This past weekend was a lazy one, like the New Year weekend before. (The Xmas weekend was stressful, with most of my Christmas Day trivia written on Christmas Eve.) [personal profile] temptingcuriosity and I went to LACMA on Saturday, avoiding the bigger events (Kubrick and Caravaggio) and indulging our own personal preferences (Surrealist Drawings and Maya artifacts). On Sunday we stayed in, made bacon pancakes, and lounged around because it was cold outside.

I asked her what she was looking for from the new year, but I already knew what her year looked like, when I thought about it. Really, I wanted her to ask me the question. I know I want to get hired permanently at this new job, but past that I wasn't sure. Talking about it, I realized that I wanted to create more in 2013. Not a particular thing, or a big thing, just lots of things.

Recently, I say a lot that I'm too much in my head. I talk to folks a bit more on Twitter, and I'm talking to people in person, but I'm not getting things out in non-conversational settings anymore. As a true geek, I worry about the narrow bandwidth of talking to people one-on-one; I just don't have enough time to tell things to everyone I would like to. Blog posts allow you, my friends and readers, to time-shift the Tablesaw experience to fit your schedule (something I know I appreciate).

But while blog posts are always things I need to do more often, to get into the habit of writing long things (or just short things that aren't twitter), what I want to do is just create more things that I can share. And saying it the other day made me excited and happy. A good sign, I think.

This year I don't just want to do things I love, I want to make new things to send out into the world with them, so that my experiences can travel beyond the horizon of my personal bubble. I want to write about at least one thing a week, TV, movie, game, what have you. I want to make some more puzzles, definitely at least one thing I can bring to the NPL convention in Austin. I want to finally hide a geocache in LA. I want to make some games, eventually, somewhere. There's a pre-Companions DW/AW game knocking around in my head that mostly needs a lot of research (that TemptingCuriosity is eager to help with).

My birthday is on Thursday, and I turn 35, a number that is a multiple of the amount of fingers on one hand, which means that I'll probably freak out sometime this year, though I'm successfully blocking it out for now. It's a good time to have a plan, and it's a good time to have a plan that focuses so much on simple joys. Last year was not a good one, this one will be better.


Jun. 5th, 2011 10:58 pm
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Things done since ever.

  • Bought tickets for the NPL Convention in Providence. Will be flying into Boston on the 4th (5 p.m. EDT), looking to bum around before heading to the hotel on Wednesday afternoon, then flying out of Logan early on the 11th (7 a.m.). Who'll be around?
  • I also said, "Screw it!" and asked for the rest of that week off from work, so it's going to be a real vacation for me all through to the 15th. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself. But it will not be working.
  • I'm coming out of a funk (well, came out of a funk a week or so ago). It's always hard to identify it when I'm in it, till my body rebels and says, "No, Tablesaw, you need to do things again. You're going to do those situps, and then you're going to go out and see people." I'm looking ahead to when the pushback happens, the time when I feel a little sick or a little tired, and I let my momentum slip, and I can't pick it up again. On the horizon, this is most likely to happen because . . .
  • I'm probably going into the dentist this week to get my other wisdom tooth looked at. I have a feeling it's going to need removal too. The last time that happened it took a lot out of me. If it happens again, I'm going to need to plan ahead so that I can remomentatize myself.
  • I planned to go geocaching with [personal profile] trinker, and then found out it was to happen on her birthday, so I went all out to be the birthday fairy. It turned out kind of okay.
  • All the TV shows ended, and everyone is pregnant, I guess.
  • My phone, my crappy-ass phone—that is only one step removed from a crappy assphone—has started losing its charge, so I'm actually getting a smartphone. Virgin Mobile, which I've been using to keep my cell-phone bill under $10/month, has an unlimited data plan for $25/month. It should arrive this week. So that'll be interesting.
  • The Portal 2 print is framed and gorgeous-looking. I'm also wrestling with framing these prints on the cheap, which would be easier if the United States and Canada hadn't decided that they wanted their own special paper sizes.
  • Oh, I got a haircut too. For me, it's super short. But then, my hair was getting kind of long. For a while, it looked way too young for my big, bearded, thirty-three-year-old face, but it's looking better with a beard trim.
  • I watched a friend run Dungeon World at Strategicon over the weekend, which got me rereading Apocalypse World. After playing through a campaign, the directives made a lot more sense. It's a fascinating game, which is probably why I keep talking about it to everyone I meet. Also, much like with Smallville, I'm seeing it in the shows I watch. Sons of Anarchy and Dexter are totally running on Apocalypse World.
  • Finished Dragon Age:Origins. Pablum is too exciting a word.
  • Visited the Museum of Death, knocking another item off of my bucket list (defined as things that are close enough for me to throw a bucket at). It was disappointing. I was hoping for a curatorial perspective beyond, "WOW ISN'T THIS COOOOOOOOL!? SERIAL KILLERS, MAN! FUCK SOCIETY!" There were some nice touches: a set of crime-scene photographs near (what I assume was) the brief mention of the murder-suicide. On the other hand, relics of Jeffrey Dahmer and Ed Gein were counterposed with "ads containing humorous depictions of cannibals." Yeah, that wasn't too pleasant.
Gotta go to bed now . . .
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Last night, I discovered why I might not have been sleeping so well when I woke up gasping for breath and tasting stomach acid in my throat. Oddly, I think this may have been exacerbated by the new bedframe. I know the old one was a little messed up, maybe it was giving me that slope that's supposed to help keep that from happening.

Anyway, I finished up another hiking map. This one was mostly done, since I gave up on it back in '08 when I realized that some of the conversions from Google Earth to Google Maps weren't happening right. Now things seem to be running more smoothly.

This is for a trip to Calabasas Peak, the week after the trip to Saddle Peak.

Google Earth file / Online Google Map

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With all the caching I've been doing, I thought I should spend some time getting reacquainted with Google Earth. And yet, I didn't get around to uploading any of the new stuff. Instead, I touched up some photos and made a map of a hike I made three years ago with [personal profile] ojouchan.

It was one of a few hikes that Ojou indulged me in, since she never really enjoyed just walking through the mountains like I did. When we reached the peak, she was rather miffed that there was a road that led straight to the peak. Still, the trail led through a cool rocky narrow on the way up. She took a lot of pictures there. I did too, but most of mine didn't turn out so well.

Google Earth file / Online Google Map

tablesaw: A trial sign ("This trail is OPEN") against a blue sky in Los Angeles's Griffith Park. (Hiking (Open Trails))
Because apparently my profile requires a login.

After almost seven years, I've now found over 200 geocaches. Here are pretty pictures with numbers about it, under a cut of course.

Could there be something hiding underneath this? )
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I went out on two abbreviated hikes (more like walks), one with [personal profile] trinker and family in north Valley, and one alone in west Valley. I'm finally nearing my 200th geocache find, eight years after starting.

I went to my dentist about what I assumed was a small cavity. We were both shocked to discover that it was, instead, a massive cavity that had grown faster than normal humans can manage, and that I now need a root canal. And also, after the root canal, I'll probably need another wisdom tooth pulled. And also my dental coverage had disappeared (though that got cleared up the next day).

I got into more of a routine with stretching and using the exercise bike. Current games for playing on the exercise bike: Castle Crashers, because it is simple and repetitive, and Super Meat Boy, because it causes you to feed the frustration back into your legs.

I made it to Laz's boardgaming night for the first time in 2011, and played Power Grid, which was balanced and fun.

I went to [ profile] cramerica house-reheating party, and spent some time catching up with folks like Artistry and Bartok whom I haven't seen in a while.

I had a two-day workweek.

Oh, and also, I bought a new car a new car, and returned the Jeep to my parents.
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What have I been doing on computers instead of updating my DW?
  • A website that provides two logic puzzles every day, with a complex and rewarding rating system. It is entirely in German, but [personal profile] chris has written up an English walkthrough. [ profile] motris has also written about his experiences with the site. I'm currently ranked 349 out of 666, and you can see a graph of my recent progress.
  • Tumblr. I have a Tumblr account now, because it was getting to a point where creating RSS feeds for the ones I liked was getting cumbersome. I'm at It's got some stuff on it, I guess. Nothing too consistent. I might try to fill it up with some stuff.
  • Tagging Old Entries. Hey, remember that time I was assaulted by an actor of a show I was stage-managing? Yeah, that's why I have a violence tag now.
  • Picasa Faces. I've loaded all my old photos onto my new computer. This means that there shouldn't be anything at all important left on the old dying box. It also means that Picasa is taunting me by finding faces in my photos and asking me to identify them.
  • Geocaching. [personal profile] trinker got me out and about, and I've been making progress again. Going to try to not let a week go by without some form of outdoorsing:

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Hike Fail

Aug. 28th, 2009 03:06 pm
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I knew it was going to be hot today, so I planned to get up early and take [ profile] ojouchan to a job in Glendale. Then I could pick up a few caches in Glendale, La Cañada, or Tujunga.

What I didn't know last night, when I was making my plans, was that it was on fire. I'd known about the earlier Morris fire further east, but I hadn't paid close enough attention to realize that there was a second fire in Angeles National Forest (the Station fire) much closer. And there are two other fires in SoCal right now.

I fell back to Griffith Park where the air was a bit (not a great bit) better, but by then it was already starting to get hot, and I didn't have a clear picture where I was going. Mostly what I did was sweat. The only thing I did right this morning was bring a very large bottle of water with me, and it was definitely needed.

I did get some walking in, but mostly what I did was sweat. I think I still walked like 2.5 miles. That is because I am stupidly stubborn when it comes to hiking. And I also picked up four caches, though one was literally across the street from where I dropped Ojou off.

Now I am showered, and I feel much better. Naya and I are going to the UCB Theatre later tonight. Till then, I'm staying away from outside and sending prayers to the folks fighting the fires and evacuating their homes.
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I've been thinking about it for weeks, but today I finally got off my butt and started hiking again. I spent a few hours getting all my geocaching information in order, then I headed up to Bronson Canyon for a four-mile, twelve-cache loop. (I missed one cache, though; a coyote was chilling in the area.)

It was overcast, which was great for temperature but made most of the pictures come out pre-drabbed. It was a pretty varied trip. It started with wide fire trails and continued with wide paved roads. There were lots of people out too. Hiker, runners, dog-walkers, and horse-riders. The final leg of the loop went through some smaller paths to bring me back down to the caves. I'd intended to take a path that was marked on Google Maps, but ended up taking a longer route that circled the ridge of the quarry before I could find the path down. At the end, I ran back and forth through the Batcave a few times before heading to the car.

I came home and showered to cool down. Now I feel good, ready for a brand new week of sitting.
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I've been getting increasingly bugged by driving to one place for no other reason. So when [ profile] ojouchan says she needs a ride, it's generally a signal that I'm going hiking. Since I was taking her into the center of the valley, it didn't seem right to then double back and do the Santa Monica Mountains. Instead, I geocached my way north through the valley to O'Melveny Park. Since I spent a lot of time caching (and because it was very, very hot, I only did about a mile and a half, but it was beautiful up there. I'll have to get back in the morning some time.

Sadly, I didn't have a good record with the caching: 6/13. I'm pretty sure that two of them weren't there, one was being watched too closely, and another two I didn't go for because I coyote kept circling them. The other two were probably just me being dense. Still, I was hoping to hit one hundred fifty today, instead I'm one shy.

Profile for Tablesaw

TueNYTX: 4. Solved without trying to guess the theme, because the tie-together clue was too long.


Jun. 13th, 2004 04:35 pm
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Just woke up early. I'm probably going to go back to bed for a few more hours, but in the mean time, here are some highlights of my dream, before all of it fades away.
  • An episode of Crime and Punishment (link changed 8/2/11; originally "") about the trial of a man stalking the Fab Five (link changed 8/2/11; originally "").
  • Excerpts from a old journal describing the first experiences with popcorn:
    • After the kernel was expanded with oil and flour B------ and S------ both expressed concern that what they had swallowed moments before was some sort of jewel or stone that would expand after eating more food . . .
    • "How does the expansion occur when there is clearly no water without the kernel?"
    • "The kernel is infused with Entertainment Tonic, which is excited by heat . . ."
  • Searching for a point of a "Bermuda-like" triangle with a GPS receiver.
And back I go.
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God is love.

Love is blind.

Ray Charles is God.

I'm off in a little while to visit Forest Lawn and other dead celebrities. Geocaching is certainly enriching my life.

FriNYTX: 19:30.
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I went geocaching again today, and I was three for five. I'll write more later, hopefully when I do my big "What I'm Learning from Geocaching" post. Anyway, the big story today is that, although I planned on relatively easy outings, I ended up making an unexpected 2.5-mile walk. But the rewards were great. See, I locked my keys in my car, so I had to walk home and then back to my car to unlock it.

Party at [ profile] cramerica's tonight. Must sleep.
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I went out Geocaching again today, to a reportedly haunted location. I do intend to write about Geocaching philosophy, but this entry is really just a pretext to say . . .

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So, earlier today, [ profile] saxikath cut out of work early to spend some time Letterboxing. Like her, it's something I'd heard about, but haven't found time to follow up on. So I surfed over to And started poking around. It looks cool, and there appear to be dozens of them in the LA area, but somewhere along the FAQ, I followed a tangent to Geocaching.

This grabbed me. Perhaps it was that, where there were dozens of nearby letterboxes, there were hundreds of nearby geocaches. Perhaps it was that the geocaching site is more organized, making it easier to tell if the caches were still active, compared to letterboxing information pages that hadn't been updated in months. Perhaps it was the existence of a geocache less than a mile from my house. Perhaps it was the variety of the types of hunts involved.

Mostly, though, there is something about many of the descriptions that remind me of the wanderings of my youth. When I was younger, teenaged mostly, I'd go on long walks or bike rides to muse quietly to myself. Up hills, around confusing residential zones. I'd just set out and be gone for hours. In the west Valley, there were plenty of ways to get a great view, as well. Now, though, I just don't get the same itch to light out and stay out until my feet can't take anymore. There's always something that I could accomplish instead, and having my own apartment obviates the need to escape into the outdoors.

Scanning across the geocaching site made me think this might be a way to recapture that. There are, of course, many caches based on hiking or exploring state parks, but there are also those in the Valley that simply direct a person to hidden spots. The small, out-of-the-way parks that spring up among the various suburbs. Museums and landmarks that many don't know about. It seems like a way to recapture that sort of wandering, disguised as a minor accomplishment. To get out occasionally and explore a new area. And it also looks conducive to getting a few people to join.

So al in all, it seems like an interesting hobby to pick up. Now all I need is a GPS device.


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