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Just made a Cuba Libre with Applejack instead of rum. I figure it must be a Live Free or Die.
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Made some posts today on Google+, in that they are contained in an about the service.

If you haven't been keeping track of Google Plus's rampant suspension of profiles that don't conform to mainstream Western standards, there are some good comprehensive links to check out. Google+ user Sai, whose account has been suspended multiple times because of his (legally documented) single name, posted a massive, collaboratively written account of the whole situation, including suggested policy changes.

In sharing it, I added:
"You're one of the very first people to use Gmail. Your input will help determine how it evolves, so we encourage you to send your feedback, suggestions and questions to us. But mostly, we hope you'll enjoy experimenting with Google's approach to email."

That's what Google e-mailed to me on June 11, 2004. The name on my account then was "Tablesaw Tablesawsen." It remained the name on my Gmail Account when my Gmail Account became a Google Account, and it was the name on my Google Account when my Google Account added a Google Profile. And when that Google Profile became a part of Google Plus (yes I activated it slightly in advance), Tablesaw Tablesawsen it remained.

Every e-mail since then--whether to friends, family, or businesses--has started with a "To" field of "Tablesaw Tablesawsen" and ended with the even more memorable .sig of "Tablesaw (It's the saw of the table!)." It's been the name on my Google Documents and my Picasa pictures.

Notwithstanding the fact that I'd been using the name Tablesaw since about the time that I started hearing about this "Google" thing that was so much better than AltaVista, these seven years of using this Google Account almost exclusively is what establishes it as a real name (one of a few, but no less real). Google should know that Tablesaw Tablesawsen is a real name since they've been sending mail to, and harvesting information from, this name for over seven years.

+Sai and others have written a detailed summary of this issue within Google Plus, including several links and policy suggestions. Per +Sai's request, this share is also being linked to +Natalie Villalobos, whom I'll be counting on to remember this testimonial, should my profile be friviolously suspended.
The other posts come from [personal profile] skud, a longstanding advocate for the benefits of pseudonymity, whose profile was suspended on Friday. (A second post with further notes was posted today.) In the comments to the first, Aahz said, "For anyone who knows Leslie Fish, just think 'Banned From Google' (sorry, haven't gotten any farther)..."

Well, I couldn't help myself:
When we signed up for Google Plus, the network of our dreams,
We all set out investigating circles, sparks, and streams.
We had high expectations for our pseudonymity,
But found too late it wasn't geared for users such as we.

And we're banned from Google; it's not just.
Banned from Google, you could say that we're nonplussed.
We'd love to give more feedback on a field test we adore,
But Google doesn’t want us any more

The ToS is simple, but the policy opaque
Behind how mods consider some names real and some names fake.
The Name Police keep coming for +aestetix, +Sai, and +Skud.
So please, folks, make some changes before Google’s name is Mud.

Since we're banned from Google, all of us.
Banned from Google, and we're kicking up a fuss.
We used to be evangelizers; now we're pretty sore.
We don't know if we'll Google any more.
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Your book is called "Nerd Do Well." Is there anything out there that's too nerdy even for you? Have you ever met somebody who's in some culture or subculture so weird you're like "oh my god, that's just too strange?"

Babylon 5.
—"Actor Simon Pegg Plays 'Not My Job'," Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me, June 18, 2011.
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After extensive Jedi NPL training, it's sometimes strange to play games with other people. Take yesterday's game of Pictionary using player-submitted clues.
OK, the category is historical event, but I don't even know anything about this.

The Defenestration of Prague!


We still get the point even though I didn't draw anything, right?

Theme Song

Jan. 19th, 2011 02:52 pm
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If you hadn't noticed from the previous links, the theme this year was videogames. The wedding that teams were invited to turned out to be the wedding of Mario and Peach, which was predictably interrupted by Bowser. As for what happened next . . . it's probably best to let the Hunt mastermind explain the whole story:

Still Unsolved (MP4) highly recommended for pretty much everyone.
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There will be one puzzle that is presented as a series of Old Spice Guy Videos. Ideally (but unlikelily), they will be filmed during the Hunt in response to tweets sent to @MysterySpice.

(I'm on a Hunt.)

(That might be a good icon, actually.)
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Bill Pullman
. . . And I found that, every year, it just seemed to get a larger and larger following.
Well, that's something that happens with a lot of films—
Bill Pullman
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Friend: Yay, new puter!
[personal profile] tablesaw: Indeed. It is exciting and new.
[personal profile] tablesaw: Like nautical love.
Three days short of my old computer's birthday, I went out on abother Black Friday and grabbed this setup from Staples. Most of my info is already moved over from the old one. And it's all quiet and responsive.

I also ordered one of the drastically reduced car GPS systems from Amazon, which should get here eventually. And I bulked up on my videogame catalog at Gamestop's buy-two-get-one-free sale.

I was actually feeling energized to push through for some cleaning, but I'm getting an odd headache. I'm starting to wonder if my Prozac might be giving me an odd reaction this time around.

I'd go out for some food, but it's raining now (I know, right?) so I'll probably stay in and have some soup.
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"Happy Halloween! What wonderful costumes you have! I don't have any candy, but you can take a Kleenex if you want!"
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Arianna Skye (my superpowered teenage alien character): "The entire point of space is about freedom!

Me (OOC): If you've got an idea for a scene go for it, because if you ask me, "What is Airy doing now?" the answer is sitting alone in her room, clutching something soft, and not crying while listening to Tori Amos.
Judson (OOC): China or Barbados?
Me: China. Definitely China.
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When a friend of mine sent a picture of her cat to me and some other coworkers, extolling the virtues in the cat's taste in literature.

Naturally, this had to happen:

The cat macro was a bit larger )

My friend's response was:
So, 1 question: Why does [the cat] have a French accent?
Keep in mind that my friend is not unsaavy when it comes to the internets or the fandom. And yet, no knowledge of lolcats.

I . . . I didn't know that could be possible.
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[ profile] ithiliana suggests that the "unified fabric of human desire" must be some sort of plaid. Which got me thinking about kilts. Which led me to writing this:
I just wrote up a short abstract.
(It's weak but it scored a book contract.)
But the bloggers told me what I lacked:
"Ogi, where's your trousers?"

Let the wind blow high, let the wind blow low,
The better for my arse to show.
Fen cry, "Oh, John Ringo, no!
Ogi, where's your trousers!?"

I posted a web survey,
But I took it down right away.
Now I'm afeard of all El Jay
Because I nay have on trousers.

I went down to a comm with kink
To have some fun seeing what they think.
All the ficcers gave me eyes that stink,
Saying, "Ogi, where's your trousers!?"

The backlash hasn't been dismissed,
But they've no reason to be pissed.
You can't put ethics on a scientist,
Saying, "Ogi, where's your trousers!?"
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Talking to somebody, in real life:
Somebody: I'm staying with a . . . friend.
[personal profile] tablesaw: A dot-dot-dot-friend?
Somebody: You know, a Friend. With a capital F.
[personal profile] tablesaw: I see.
[personal profile] tablesaw: You're staying with a Quaker.
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This weekend, [ profile] ojouchan and I drove up the I-5 to attend my cousin's wedding at the High Hand Nursery in Loomis, California. During the ceremony, the officiant read statements by the bride and groom, answering questions like "How did you meet for the first time?" and "What was your first kiss like?" While cute, I knew this wasn't for Ojou and my wedding when they got to the question "Where do you see the two of you in 50 years?" and in my head I answered:
Stepping out of my flying car with my new cyborg body, I extend my fifth waldo to my robomate . . .
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I was originally going to do this as part of the Pilot inventory, but they didn't play the credits in the pilot, so I decided to keep them separate. There was enough to say in that post anyway.
I'm going to go into a bit more detail about the appropriation and misrepresentation of culture and history by looking at the artifacts mentioned in episodes of Warehouse 13. For a brief overview of what I'm talking about in this series, read "An Extraordinary Rendition of History; Items in Warehouse 13 that Don't Belong in "America's Attic". I won't be going into too great detail of reasearch; if I prove something horribly inaccurate, I do so using only minimal Googling. Corrections and clarifications are thus welcome.
Since these items are in the credits sequence at the beginning of each show, I'm going to assume that they aren't spoilers. But on the other hand, because it's just the credits sequence, things are short and kind of sketchy. We only get a few seconds to look at the artifact, along with some associated images. The credits also feature the Tesla gun and the Pharnsworth from the Pilot.

ETA: An embedded video of the credits, from Hulu. (U.S. viewers only; how appropriate!)

Artifact: Egyptian Scarab Carving
What does it do? IT'S ALIVE! We don't see it doing anything else.
Is it in any way accurate? It looks accurate enough to me entirely untrained eye.
Does it belong in America's Attic? Egypt's been demanding the Rosetta Stone and other Egyptian antiquities for quite some time. I imagine they'd also want to take a look at the living stone that's flying out of their past.

Artifact: East-Asian Sword (probably Japanese)
What does it do? No idea. All we see is a photograph that appears to me to be Japan, then there's a sword, being swordy.
Is it in any way accurate? I couldn't begin to tell.
Does it belong in America's Attic? The image seems to situate it in a non-U.S. culture and history, so no.
Update: This sword appears to be the Honjo Masamune featured in "Implosion." You can find a lot more information about it in that entry.

Artifact: Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm's Pen
What does it do? I don't know, but I think it's covered in blood.
Is it in any way accurate? To the best of my knowledge, the Brothers Grimm did in fact use pens.
Does it belong in America's Attic? While "Grimm's Fairy Tales" forms a bedrock for much fantasy and children's literature in American, the Grimm brothers were German, as were the various storytellers who lent them their words. Another no.

Artifact: Camera with Native Americans Trapped Inside that Possibly Makes Them Disappear (see update below)
What does—wait, what did you say? Look, I don't know any more than you do, and I've been studying those three seconds of the credits for a while now. There's a camera, like it's from the nineteenth century. In the lens, you can see a photograph reflected. That photograph appears in the next frame, where you can see four Native Americans.
But what does that—what? I'm just telling you what I saw. There's a artifact camera that appears in another episode, but I have no idea if the two are supposed to be related or not.
Is it in any way accurate? If I had some sort of standard to judge accuracy, I might be able to tell you, but this thing is just a mess.
Does it belong in America's Attic? I have no idea, but you know what, I'm going to go with no just to be safe.
Update: [ profile] portnoyslp points out that one of the Native Americans in the picture is disappearing. Well, that's much better.

Artifact: Moon Rock
What does it do? Levitates, at least.
Is it in any way accurate? It certainly looks moony.
Does it belong in America's Attic? Either the moon rock has powers related to an American astronauts who collected it, or the moon just generally has weird powers like that. But since the moon is (to our knowledge) empty, I think it can probably stay.

Artifact: Mirror Ball
What does it do? Gets the party started! I guess.
Is it in any way accurate? Unless mirror balls were somehow different a few decades ago, I'd say it's accurate. The images seem to be evoking a - vibe.
Does it belong in America's Attic? There's definitely an issue of appropriation of disco into the White mainstream America, but without more knowledge about where this disco ball came from, I'm going to lean on it being a part of American history and culture.

There you have it; America == moon rocks and disco balls.
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Well, technically not NASA. Defying Gravity is a new show on ABC about a group of astronauts in the near future taking a tour around the solar system. It's . . . meh.

Anyway, in this weeks episode, two crewmembers see a planetary lander being updated from the International Space Organization (the "ISO," not NASA). On the computer screen there's a prominent window that reads "RECEIVING UPDATE FROM MISSION CONTROL." Behind it is a larger window that is scrolling "computery text."

Or at least, I assume it's supposed to look computery. Even before I froze the screen I could tell that it was scrolling through a list of IP addresses for Wikipedia. No wonder they're having so much trouble on that ship; it's the massively complex interplanetary space mission that anyone can edit!
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Watching the finale of The Fashion Show, which is apparently a combination reunion show and results show. One of the things they did was to show the "decoy" collections of people who were still on the shows being aired when Fashion Week came around, but had been eliminated when the show was filmed several months earlier. Here's one by eliminated designer Merlin Castell:

All the Super Saiyans will be wearing Castell next season.
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"The Pelvic Trust is essential to any good relationship."
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I'd like a copy of Mulder's "I Want to Believe" poster where the UFO has the Clippers logo on it.


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