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My journal is oddly bare right now. I know, it's been bare before, but the "oddly" part is because there are two sizable entries that have vanished. I'm pretty sure I know where one went. I tried to do an Audblog this morning (possibly yesterday morning), but I may have hung up before I pressed all of the extra buttons to end recording and post the message. Apparently, that ain't good enough.

The other post was long, and was written on Wednesday morning, after I had gone to work packing zero hours of sleep, fueled by energy and anticipation of the festivities that were to occur on Sunday. I was pretty wacky that day, so I haven't a clue what might have caused the entry to disappear. LJ may have eaten it, but then again, I may have just forgotten to hit "Post".

Anyway, the short version is, I was really hyped this week, the party went well, and I slept for a very long time afterwards. Now, I'm pretty relaxed.

I'm going to start writing up the puzzle that accompanied the party, it'll start showing up in sections. In the meantime, I've got a bright and more or less clean house in which to sing dance twirl and do anything I want. So I thought I'd do some reading. But I've been having trouble getting started on new books, recently. The last new book I read was recommended by [ profile] shadesong when I was in Boston. So I got to thinking, maybe if I read a book chosen by others, it'll be easier to start and finish. So, obviously, it is poll time.
[Poll #278572]
I'm doing this from memory. Next time, I promise I'll try to represent the second half of the alphabet.
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Today's Ash Wednesday, and I managed to get home in time to catch the early Mass at my parish. Today was the first time in my life, though, that I was forced to wash the ashes off of my face when I got home. You see, the priest (monsignor, perhaps?) who imposed the ashes upon me was a bit old school. For one thing, when he recited, "Dust you are and to dust you shall return," he did it in Latin. But he also was using a thumb that was still wet from blessing the ashes with holy water. So, instead of getting a wispy, ashy memento mori that slowly disipated in the wind, I got a big black mud-caked cross on my forehead that would not be moved. I washed it off when I noticed it before dinner because I wasn't sure I'd remember to clean it off before I went to bed.

Also, I'd like to see a priest use a sermon that tackles the Gospel reading that says, "But when you fast . . . wash your face, so that you may not appear to be fasting, except to your Father who is hidden," right before smearing a big old, "Look at me I'm fasting" symbol on your forehead.

And since it's Ash Wednesday, I have forty-seven days to plan for my Easter Party/Egg Hunt/Puzzle Hunt. (Yes, forty-seven. The forty days of Lent only go up to Palm Sunday.). I know my structure, I know my ending, and I have a vague idea on some of the lower level puzzles, but I need to really get cracking on them. I also want to actually have invitations this year, sent out by Saint Patrick's Day.

And speaking of Easter, I think that no matter how you feel about Gibson's new Jesus movie, you'll agree with yesterday's Dork Tower.

Finally, I think I should introduce a regular reader of my journal, my mother. Hello, Mom! I point her out to you, because at a recent meal we shared, I learned that she was also reading the journals of my friends, sometimes regularly. It's already been noted by [ profile] shadesong, and she remembered details of other people too. So, just, be aware. And don't worry, she doesn't have her own journal.

WedNYTX: 9:15.
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Does anyone among my readers know of a good online, multiplayer trivia game? Trivial Pursuit would be excellent, but any good facsimile will do. Unless I find one, [ profile] shadesong and I will be reduced to writing things like this until our next in-face meeting:

Wedge of the Pie )

FriNYTX: Don't know, the timer disappeared.


Jul. 27th, 2003 06:53 am
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A big congratulations to [ profile] shadesong for making it through twenty-four hours of blogging madness.

Also, happy birthday to [ profile] thedan.

For that matter, happy birthday to [ profile] storme.

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The special guest star in my dream today was [ profile] shadesong who was in town for an unnamed semiformal event. Dream Shadesong looked nothing like [ profile] shadesong, and yet, was still [ profile] shadesong. At one point, she was described by [ profile] wjukknibs' brother-in-law to an old friend from Cherubs as "Tablesaw's hot chyk friend." The event ended with a fun and exciting game of Pyramid. Unfortunately, I cannot remember any of the categories or clues.


Feb. 16th, 2003 06:58 am
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For those wondering about my porch, everything's fine. The patio is a mess with mud, though.

The rain stopped the other day, just in time for me to get a bunch of packages, including the entire series of Cowboy Bebop from Amazon, three official bootlegs and a signed vinyl record from Stew, and my only valentine of the season, from [ profile] shadesong.

I'll write more about these things, but now it's time for me to leave the office after thumb-twiddling for about eight hours.

SunNYTX: 23. El-em-en-tary, for the right person. I am obviously not of the right age group to appreciate the crossing of 23A & 4D.


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