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Recently, I've found myself in the position of advocating Interactive Fiction (IF) to friends and coworkers not familiar with it. However, recently, my own IF-playing rate has dropped to near nil. This year's IF Competition is approaching, and I still haven't played a single game from last year's. So, I've decided to force myself to play some more, get back into the habit, by dedicating myself to writing a few reviews. (This commitment was much more spur-of-the-moment than it seems. See below.) I don't really have any goals except to play some games that I'd really like to play and that I can finish quickly enough to write five before the month is out. Along those lines, my selections will probably be rather (ahem) "unadventurous," as I suspect I'll be reviewing games I played and liked but never got around to finishing.

This is the case for Review #1: Savoir Faire. I played it furiously when it was released last year, but got stuck on a puzzle, set it down, and never picked it up again. I didn't get horribly stuck, if I recall; stopping the game had more to do with having to sleep than being particularly frustrated by the block. If you don't believe it, read my journal entries from that time. Subsequent journal entries seem to indicate that I was distracted from finishing by a date to see Enigma and some time to complete The Enigma. So, today, I played through the game. All of this is background that I wanted to vent before I wrote the review, which I will now write, and which will be posted in a bit.

Update: The review is now available for review.
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T. is overly busy this weekend. Darn.

T. thing

Jul. 31st, 2002 04:36 am
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I've been not-connecting with T. for a while now. It's frustrating. Between her trip to Mexico and my overloaded work schedule all we've had are a few emails and a brief "hi" during Mass. I don't like it, and I think I'm going to ask her out to another movie.
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So like, I've actually got an email correspondence thing going on with T. Like, I write things, then she writes back. Woo!

I spent some time submitting to various search engines today. It's disturbing how many of the sites now require payment to be listed. If yahoo decides that we're a "business," we won't be allowed onto the directory unless we pay $300. No thanks. I am suddenly much more appreciative of Google.

I've also been playing Dragonriders on my Dreamcast. It's a very mediocre game, and the controls are awful, but I'm enough of a Pern fan that I really enjoy the story anyway. I should probably go back and reread some of the novels too.

Clerihews just keeps on coming:

When [ profile] heartichoke
Was broke,
Her song
Kept her moving along.

[ profile] playingpossum
Is awesome
Even when sitting
In the bathroom and knitting.

And a bonus for [ profile] swisscheesed

I would never make [ profile] swisscheesed
After taking the quiz which
Informed me I'm her bitch.
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While dictionary browsing, I found this:

sex kitten n (1958): a young woman with conspicuous sex appeal

I want a sex kitten.

Now let me unpack that a bit. I don't want in the sense of ownership. Nor do I want an actual kitten to have sex with (thank you very much gutter-minded ones). But I would like to date some one with conspicuous sex appeal.

I found it interesting that, even as I let my lizard brain do the thinking, I didn't want to go out and find someone solely on the basis of their perceived "sexiness," instead I wanted to find someone brilliant and beautiful and then be lucky enough for her to be a sex kitten as well. It's almost the inverse of [ profile] swisscheesed's "Well, it's nice that you have a brain," where it's the brain that's the pleasant afterthought.

Back to life... )
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Today is my last day off for a while. I'm going to be working overtime to cover for my fellow lobster-shift employee and to earn money for my upcoming move. The date has been pushed back to the end of August, but I'll still need some moolah. I also plan on buying a GameCube as a housewarming gift to myself, so spare cash is good.

I read at Mass last night, and T. was there, so were [ profile] wjukknibs and his brother. T. arrived almost late, so she rushed by me smiling before I processed in. After the Mass was over, I stuck around talking with [ profile] wjukknibs and his brother, then talked with T. She's been in Mexico on a study program and just got back.

Recently, I've been bantering with [ profile] cruciverbalist about whether or not a person notices when other people have an interest in him or her. My theory is that the most people notice less than is present.

Well, I could be wrong, but I think that [ profile] wjukknibs will back me up when I say that T. had the same elated grin on that I had when we were talking.

I like that.

Now to exchange these Hollywood Bowl tickets and ask her to accompany me.


Jun. 25th, 2002 12:37 pm
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Today I got email from Ex and T.

My anger has receded regarding the Journal-gossip-Ex matter, and she sent a very nice letter, to which i was able to respond a bit more myself, telling her a bit about the tired moving this weekend.

T. emailed me in response to an email I sent a while ago. I know that her life has been a bit busy. And she's still busy. But it's always nice to know that she remembers I'm here, especially when I haven't gotten to see her at Mass.
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Emailed T. trying to get her out to lunch or some such thing. I'm not sure if that will happen, though, since her mother is sick and her brother is having difficulty at school. She's doing a lot of work keeping the family together right now.

Le sigh.

If you're interested, there's a website with some of the other Nobilis characters. Some of these are really fun, like the nine-year-old Power of Impetuousness.

Slow day.

Jun. 7th, 2002 02:29 am
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It's my sister's birthday. How did that happen? I guess with her graduation I wasn't paying attention. So I've got to find a gift fast.

Started a correspondence on Don't know how it will turn out, definitely friend material, though. And I've not forgotten about T. I'm going to try to get her to breakfast/dinner soon.

FriLATX: 7:45. I miss the New York Times.

Go Mexico!

Jun. 3rd, 2002 06:15 am
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Mexico played a great game, despite me nodding off toward the end. After the game, I went to take a nap, which took longer than I expected. I had hoped to spend the day watching soccer and baking cookies; I'll have to reschedule for tomorrow. (Although the nap was unfortunate, it wasn't unexpected. I got up early to go to 6:00 Mass.)

Sent an email to T., thus officially reopening the lines of communication. YAY COMMUNICATION!

No stick.

Jun. 2nd, 2002 11:17 pm
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Today at Mass, the visiting priest said the following:

Matthew, out of all of the five Gospels . . . um, four Gospels . . .

T. was there and wasn't angry and happily gave me her email address after we caught up on the weeks we'd missed. She's starting a new Youth Group at the parish. (I got the sense that she was pointing me out to the girl she was sitting next to, but I was probably just being overly self-conscious.)

For now, I'm going to watch the Mexico match. More soon.
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Tea is wonderful. It has magical healing properties that we do not fully understand. It's warm and refreshing. It's an odd idea really, to strain hot water through leaves to create a mystical beverage, but I'm glad someone did.

Not that I condone slavery, mind you, but that's another story.

A third story is that I left a message for T. yesterday, but she hasn't called me yet. This is good, I believe. It may have lifted my spirits, but I wouldn't have been in a good frame of mind to have a logical conversation. (I talked with D last night, and I definitely didn't have a coherent talk with him.)

Refreshed, rested and satiated, the true test will be how well I sleep today.
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Gentle readers, if you ever have trouble getting to sleep due to an upset stomach, think for a moment to be certain that you've eaten something in the last twenty hours.

[ profile] veek: What were you thinking!?
[ profile] tablesaw: Obviously, I wasn't.

That's the reason I didn't get to sleep until five o'clock yesterday afternoon. It was at about four when I realized, "Perhaps eating food will help me to sleep." Oddly enough, it did.

The Parish Center was closed yesterday. I will call today and talk to or leave a message for T. before sleep. Which hopefully will be earlier than five o'clock (although today is shudder laundry day, so who knows).

TueNYTX: 5:30. I was rather upset that 14A and 58A weren't theme entries. TueLATX: 7:15. Didn't get the theme until the end, but I still don't understand how 62A fits in.
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No T. at Mass today, which was unfortunate. I have some other plans, the best of which are to leave a message to call me back at her work or to ask my mother, who has a professional contact with her, to get it. Both have pitfalls, and neither includes what I really want, which is a chance to say, "Look, I'm really, really, really sorry I lost your phone number; I didn't mean to; please forgive me." I kind of feel that just asking her to call me would be really callous.

Maybe I'm oversensitive to my own acts. (OK, strike the maybe.) I feel as though, if I'm not organized enough to be able to keep track of seven digits associated with someone important to me, I really have no business calling. I'm holding myself to an absurdly high standard for someone in whom I am interested. High is good, absurdly is not. Overkill, Tablesaw, overkill.

So tomorrow (or Tuesday, if the parish center isn't open on Memorial Day) I'll call, leave an apologetic note, and ask her to call my new number. Probably, there's nothing to worry about.
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A while back, my firm transported their proofreading team to Anchorage to work on a case. Today, they just dump loads and loads of tapes to be transcribed. Personally, I'd prefer to travel north.

I haven't been sleeping well since getting back from North Carolina. I don't know why. Normally, I sleep very deeply, without interruption. This past week, my sleep has been shallow, and I wake up every few hours. The result is that I feel I've gotten less rest than I actually have. So I need to get home and sleep. I need to go to Mass tonight and apologize to T. for losing her phone number while on vacation. I hope it's not detrimental. If I sleep through Mass, then I'm really screwed.

FriNYTX: 16. FriLATX: 10. SatLATX: 5:45. I should note that I made an error on 3D because of an obscure Muppet Show that I've never been able to forget. SunNYTX: 25:30. Fun theme entries. SunLATX: 20.
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I may not have a phone number, but I do have a reference for all of you who are wondering: [Dead link, 11/3/10]

T. is on the far right.
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Thus far, the fallout of OBX Loneliness has been lots of sleep and much staying out at coffeehouses and shopping. These are both very nice things, though somewhat trying when they try to occur at the same time.

Also, where the hell is T.'s phone number!?!?!?!?!
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I have my own phone again, and with it comes my own answering machine. My answering machine has been packed away since I last used it, college graduation. To my surprise, it still held the last phone messages on it.
  1. Hang-up.

  2. Professor outlining the requirements of a final paper.

  3. Playwright asking for her roommate's gun back.

  4. Mother asking about when graduation was to be.

  5. Friend informing me that he didn't buy the piñata for the year-end party.

  6. Same friend asking when we can pick up piñata.
My outgoing message was also intact. I considered retaining it, but figured that "I've just stepped out for some food; be back in a minute" wouldn't cut it.

I'm thinking of stealing a page from [ profile] lno's journal and offering prepaid phone time to people all over the country if they call in and inagurate my answering machine. Telecommunicatorily boosting my ego, that's what it's all about.

In sour news, I can't find T.'s phone number. This can certainly be considered a Bad Thing. Now I've got a major incentive to finish my unpacking-cleaning. It must be here somewhere!
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I've some time to kill before a family function. My cousin is receiving her first communion at 10am. Much oohing and aahing over the incredibly cute blond girl in her pretty white dress being able to become an active participant in what has been, till today, a strange and passive rite.

I saw Spiderman with D and friends. Very fun. If you enjoy the comic books and Stan Lee's odd self-mocking melodrama, you will most certainly enjoy this near-cartoonish movie version. The casting is superb, and all of the acting is wildly over the top.

I talked with T. yesterday while I installed the DSL. It turns out that her phone has been acting weird, and she had just purchased a new one the day before. As I called she was driving into the city, so I didn't want to keep her tied up for too long. But I did broach the idea of a meal date next week, to which she was open.

With the DSL installed, I now face the arduous task of switching my phone number from the house line to what was previously the modem line. I need a new phone, and I need to find my old answering machine as well. Plus, it's not on any open telemarketer lists, I don't think, which is a nice plus.

SatNYTX: 45. SatLATX: 10.

(Spelling note: LJ's spelling checker recognizes "oohing" as a word, but not "aahing.")
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This computer now has DSL. It's kind of funny, now, watching the somewhat old computer struggle to keep up with its connection. Talked to T., talked to D, time to sleep.


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