Dec. 14th, 2011


Dec. 14th, 2011 12:04 am
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Food poisoning over the weekend. That was fun. As with the last time I got food poisoning, I can blame no one but myself, since I wasn't eating out. Luckily, I didn't end up at the hospital this time, but the weakness from dehydration and not eating kept me knocked out for two days.

My stomach's still a little skittish, but I bounced back strong. I'd been feeling a little out of shape before the poisoning, and after spending a weekend too week to open a bottle of orange juice (yeah, really), I've been leaping to get back on the exercise routine.

It's been a great time to be out and about in Los Angeles too. Except for the rain yesterday, but also because of the rain yesterday. It's all cool and crisp again, and it feels like an LA winter should after the cold snap earlier in the month.
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Looking at what I'd like in terms of gifts (for the holidays and beyond), it's very similar to last year:

  • Booze. My bar has grown strong and bountiful, and I always appreciate new and interesting contributions to mix with.
  • Wardrobe. I'm owning up to the fact that my wardrobe contains the following things:
    • Jeans worn casually
    • Chinos worn casually or at work
    • collared shirts worn at work or over
    • Nice T-shirts
    • and occasionally a casual sport jacket.
    New additions to any of those categories are welcome. For T-shirts, think along the lines of Threadless or sites like Threadless. Sizes can vary, but pants are usually 38/34, fitted shirts are 17.5x34/35, T shirts are XL.
  • Music. I still don't get enough of it on my own. Things I've lost from my high-school years (early alternative and trip hop) are what I usually look for when I hit Amoeba.
  • Stuff to do. Movie passes, theatre tickets, nice restaurants. Things to go out and do.
  • Miscellaneous T[hings]
    • A juicer, to go with the new stuff I've been doing with the bar and cocktails.
    • I would still like a tie clip
    • One of these fancy teacup things
Once again, strongly avoid books, videogames, and DVDs, which I already have too many of and not enough time for. The only possible exception is The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, since I'll probably play that immediately, regardless of my gaming backlog. Because, you know, it's ZELDA.


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