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Well, No More Dicking Around, Apparently.

In previous rounds, people banned from Google Plus for having names that were not namey enough for Google got an extended run-around that included being asked for government ID that did not seem appropriate to their request. Well, apparently the improvements that have been made to the process mean that it takes Google much less time to unilaterally declare that your name is not good enough for them:

Thank you for contacting us with regard to our review of the name you are
trying to use in your Google Profile. After review of your appeal, we have
determined that the name you want to use violates our Community Standards.
You can review our name guidelines at

If you edit your name to comply with our policies in the future, please
respond to this email so that we can re-review your profile.


The Google Profiles Support Team
Also, the "personal touch" of names like Ricky is gone. My response:
Hello, unnamed form-letter sender.

It is not clear to me how my name violates any of the guidelines
listed by Google in the documents that have been provided to me.

Tablesaw is a name that my friends and family know me by (though not
co-workers, because I need to be certain that my professional life is
not linked to my personal life). It is also, incidentally, the name by
which Google has known me since 2004 (see ).

The name used, "Tablesaw Tablesawsen," contains two names that can be
entered into separate fields. Though I usually go by only "Tablesaw,"
I added a second name in 2004 to help ease Google's code when entering
the Gmail Beta.

It contains no "unusual" characters in that it contains only
characters in the Latin alphabet.

My profile and name represent one person, and I cannot see any reason
why it would appear otherwise.

I am not using the name of another individual and would certainly be
interested in meeting someone with the same name.

Since starting the Gmail Beta in 2004, I have *never* changed my name
on my Gmail Account, which carried over to my Google Account, which
carried over to my Google Profile. It has been the outgoing
information on my e-mail headers to friends, family, and businesses
with whom I am a customer for the past seven years. For various
reasons reasons, including personal and financial security, I am not
interested in publicly linking the name by which my coworkers know me
and can find me to the Google Account that I have been using under
this name.

I am willing to modify my online name to something that will both
allow my friends and family to identify me online and meet with your
guidelines. But because I cannot see anything about my name, as it
stands, that does so, I am unwilling to go through an extended
trial-and-error game in which I submit other names that meet your
guidelines that are still banned.

Please note that responding to this letter, which took me no small
amount of time to draft, with another form letter will result in round

Best wishes,

(It's the saw of the table!)
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[personal profile] tahnan 2011-08-05 12:57 am (UTC)(link)
I do. They're being evil.

Oh, wait, that can't be right, can it? Because they're Google.


What they're trying to do is ensure that everyone is using their real name (which, yes, presupposes that everyone has a single name that's "real"). It makes them more serious, so that know, never mind. I mean, I kind of understand what they're doing, but I don't think I can in fact articulate it in any rational way, even setting aside how much I disagree with it.