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So, I'm now seven questions away from a full game. Right now, I have 22 categories (though one is still one question short), so when I fill in two more, I'll have channels 2-13 for two rounds.

I've decided that the rounds are going to progress like this.
  • Round 1: Normal
  • Snack Break: Dump candy on players.
  • Round 2: Double points. One "Off the Air" channel will be hidden among the categories (probably under "Reruns"). Picking it will eliminate the lowest-scoring player.
  • Off the Air: At the end of round 2, the lowest player gets bumped.
  • Think Real Fast: The expanded version of "Bob Denver, John Denver, or City of Denver." 10 pts per question.
  • Off the Air: The two players with the lowest scores get bumped.
  • Beat the Bishop: I put on a bishop's hat and do a lap around the hotel while the remaining contestants answer the TGIF question with as many shows as they can write. 15 pts per answer.
  • Finale: Winner is the player with the highest score.
I've decided I'm going to use index cards with numbers on one side and channel names on the other. I'll turn them over when the category is chosen, and remove them when the channel is exhausted.

Tonight, I finish recording skits, which leaves me free to make sure everything's on my iPod tomorrow morning.

Below the cut are the new categories: Tales of the Extraordinary, The 900 Club, The Japan Channel, Brady Economics, and The Slash Channel.

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Things have been rough the last few weeks, and I had to postpone a lot of trivia writing until this weekend. But when I looked at things this morning, I realized I had almost enough for a basic game, which means that if I pad out a few categories, things will be just fine. I still need to record a bunch of the skits, but I've got a start on that, and I'm going to write some more before bed.

Things to be recorded (and, yes, I'm going to e-mail you today before I go to bed, [ profile] thefreak): The Narcoleptic Talk Show Host (script below). A Ranger Bob standin (wacky character says wacky things for a bit and the contestant loses ten points for no real reason; to be improvised wholly by whomever records it), The Slash Channel (identify shows based on very short snippets of slash fanfic), and anything else suggested in the next day or so.

Below the cut, there's a list of the categories I have. As you can see, I focused on '80s and '90s trivia, just as the MTV version of twenty years ago focused on the '60s and '70s. I'm considering expanding The Denver Channel into a lightning round, but I need to know how the buzzers work before I do. Answers aren't listed, so feel free to use this link to post your guesses before reading the comments.

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The NPL is a puzzle organization, so outside of the main program of games and puzzles, there's a lot of unofficial game-playing and puzzle solving. Trivia games are pretty popular; [ profile] tmcay has written several fantastic and original ones. But for most of the rest of the peons, the standard is to prepare a set of Jeopardy questions.

I'd been thinking about doing something along these lines for a while, then two years ago, during the convention in San Antonio, two members did a Jeopardy variant called Texas Jeopardy. Because everything is bigger in Texas, each category had an extra question, and each round had an extra category. There were also bonus Daily Doubles and I think there were multiple rounds of Final Jeopardy. It was very wacky and a lot of fun.

And it got me thinking about the game show I really wanted to play at Con. An old one that people haven't talked about in a while. Last year, I didn't go to the convention, so this year, I need to make it happen:

Remote Control

Remote Control was a game show that ran on MTV for three years at the end of the '80s. It was focused on pop culture and TV trivia from the '60s and '70s. It had a bizarre sense of humor and a high degree of zaniness. YouTube is pretty light on episodes, but there's a mostly full one in two parts

It also launched the careers of Denis Leary, Adam Sandler, Colin Quinn, and Kari Wuhrer, who would present trivia questions phrased as skits. You can see many, many of these skits at this site.

It seems like it'll be a lot of fun to run and write, and it'll force me to do more wacky fun, which is a mode I've lost touch with.

Things I need to decide:
  • What's the time range? The original show focused on the sixties and seventies, with a heavy emphasis on shows that got a lot of reruns. Twenty years later, I need to decide whether to keep it aimed at the same TV timeframe, update to a similar retro period (i.e., nothing from the new millenium) or leave the whole thing open to current TV. I'm leaning toward the middle option (before 2000), except that it'll cut off most of the reality TV explosion.
  • How many categories? The original show had nine "channels." I'm going to want to expand that, but I don't know by how much yet.
  • How many skits? When I know how many categories I have, how many of them can/should be skits? This'll depend a lot on how much help you guys can give me.
  • How do I do eliminations? Getting yanked "off the air" was a key portion of the original show. But in a con game, it's more problematic. For one thing, there'll probably be six players, instead of three. For another, they're all going to want to play,
  • How do I end the game? Different incarnations of the game featured two different lightning rounds and a bonus round. I'll need to figure out what combination to use.
  • Should I throw food at the players?
Things I need help on:
  • Remembering categories. I'll put up the list of what I remember and have researched soon, but if you have your own memories of the game, it'll be helpful.
  • Recording skits. I'm going to be running a bunch of stuff off of my iPod with a nice set of speakers. (It'd be great to do with a laptop, but sadly I don't have one.) So I'm looking for people who can record skit-like trivia questions into MP3s so that I can play them. New characters are particularly welcome.

I'll probably start seriously working on questions tonight. As I come up with things, I'll post them here.
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Okay, so here's the filter for my NPL Con gameshow. If you're on this list, it's because I'd like your help and opinions, but I don't expect I'll be able to run the game for you.

A lot of non-NPL local people (like [ profile] isako, [ profile] twilightsyren, and [ profile] greenapple2004) are on this list. There's actually a reason for that, but I don't want to reveal it just yet. However, if you were thinking about making me run the game for you at some point, let me know, and I'll take you off this filter.


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