Mar. 5th, 2004 09:49 am
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[ profile] johnratite post-game can chill for a bit longer. I'm heading to bed early. Before I fall over. And go boom.

FriNYTX: 15.
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Aha! I knew it! The song that mysteriously appeared in my dream the other day is a real song, although I was dreamily making up new lyrics. I know because it's on KCRW's Morning Becomes Ecclectic, right now! It's called "Rattlesnake Charm", and it's by Sean Hayes. No, I don't know why it was in my dream.

And the [ profile] johnratite Post-Game Reunion Show has begun. If you followed the game even briefly, fill out the polls and/or leave your thoughts.
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[ profile] johnratite is finished. And I have a measure of my life back.

At least, I do after I finish writing the post-game wrap-up.

And answering questions resulting from it.

And stop seeing everything as a possible subject.

It's never going to end, is it?
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Whoever it was who brought the chocolate-covered espresso beans into the office this week. Oh, it was fun before I realized what was happening. It was fun when I was nibbling at work. Not so much when I was at home working at 3 p.m. before crashing to bed and sleeping through my Thursday-night reality programming. Not so much when I wake up early today and can't get back to sleep.

On the other hand, since I was very tired today, I was actually kind of glad they were there. It was a very slow night, and I needed something to get me through.

Of course, I've got some other distractions going, too. [ profile] johnratite inches its way toward crowning a champion (it's down to two finalists, now). In addition, the attentions of the [ profile] npl have turned toward the Wikipedia. I've been using it as a helpful tool when looking for trivia, and a new game developed by [ profile] tmcay brought everyone to the party. I'll leave it to others to describe Seekipedia, but if you feel like playing, drop me an IM on Monday and Wednesday nights and I'll pass you into the chat room.

Anyway, with all the attention, and the drive to put up and refine a page for the NPL has enmeshed me into the Wikipedia proper. Every other link leads to someplace that needs a comma or two. There's so much a copyeditor can do.

I'm also working on a page for the NPL Web site. More on that once I know it's closer to completion.

Now: Donuts, Sleep.

SunNYTX: 18:30. Very nice grid, even beyond the gimmick.
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[ profile] johnratite is about to enter the endgame. I can't believe I've been running it for nearly three months, and I finally get to make an appearance as the moderator. It'll all be over soon, though. I won't miss the research and frantic writing, but I will miss the many, many surprises.

I even made a new icon, but I guess I left it at work. Oh well.

SatNYTX: 21. SunNYTX: 21.
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I turned in my old invite codes to pay for an extra two months of paid time for [ profile] johnratite, but had two dollars left over. So, I used them to buy extra userpics for myself.

If I'd actually been thinking about the user pics, instead of focusing on getting full privileges back to my trivia game, I'd have given them away as a gift. I mean, what am I going to do with however many userpics they give?

About to head to bed. I do so with trepidation. I've been unable to sleep past 6 p.m. for the past week, for no discernable reason. Even yesterday, when I got to bed late at three, I woke up at 6:30 p.m. This ain't good.

Well, I've spent most of this weekend trying to sleep. Might as well spend a few more hours.
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My Ratite notes didn't save correctly again. Now I've got to try desperately to remember what the questions were.


Jan. 3rd, 2004 08:10 am
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It occurs to me that [ profile] johnratite and Mad Mod have quite a lot in common.

Dammit, though, I left my Ratite notes at work.
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So far, there have only two people have entered the Christmas Trivia Bonanza. This means that they are going to get stuff, regardless of how well they did. Don't you think you can do better? Don't you think you have a chance at getting some cool swag from the puzzle-related gifts I purchased but ran out of people to give to? Check out the game and send me your answers and maybe you can win! Entries will be accepted by e-mail until tomorrow morning.

A while back, I said that I had a chance of getting a complete for the November issue of the Enigma. Whenever I said this (I can't find the entry), I believe it was true, although the chance hinged on me not abandoning the issue for several weeks and then trying to rush-solve it in the past three days. Oh well. I'll be lucky if I can knock off the new cryptic.

And I need to finish the last John Ratite entry of the year. Now.


Dec. 11th, 2003 10:43 am
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[ profile] deguillotin is confusing the hell out of me.

On the other hand, I guess it'a a flattering compliment for [ profile] johnratite.
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I'm off in a bit to go to Mass with Mother on her birthday. Oh, um, I guess I should wrap her gift now, too.

Anyway, it's going to be nice to rest. I've been distracted much this week. [ profile] johnratite is about to start getting good, and I'm very very finally close to beating the greatest puzzle computer game ever. I've been working at it sporadically for over two years. Maybe there's an Enigma article in there.

Hm. I hope that the plain brown wrapping on the gift doesn't freak my mom out.

FriNYTX: 17:30. Fantastic entries in this one. SatNYTX: 17. SunNYTX: 18:45.
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Sorry, I didn't get back to you. My Black Friday purchase was a PlayStation 2, purchased at Fry's Electronics. I also purchased (used, of course) Xenosaga, Sly Cooper, and Final Fantasy VIII for the same system. Now, all shopping will be for others.

Another game that got started is [ profile] johnratite. Players should be sure to read the rules and introduction. Everyone else should take a look to see how they do. For now, they just choose where to go, the trivia torture begins on Tuesday.

When I purchased the used games, I also picked up a used DVD, which I will now test in the DVD drive of our new department computers. Ladies and gentlemen, Manos: The Hands of Fate.
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Man, Fluff & Fold rocks.

I doubt I can or should afford it on a regular basis, but seeing my clothes return to me, neatly folded, pressed and hung on hangers . . . it was beauteous. I placed them neatly into the places they are meant to go. Some of them haven't been to their homes in quite a while. It was a glorious reunion. Oh, how wonderful for me it would be if I could have a fluffing and folding women here in my own home. I would shower her with love, the love that only effortless laundry can bring.

And tomorrow and Friday, I have no work. I haven't had to work a full week all month. It's wonderful. I do have to wake up early, though, to make it to Thanksgiving dinner at my grandparents' house. I probably won't eat much, but I'm glad I'll get to be there.

Other business:

Preparations for [ profile] johnratite continue apace, thanks to the invaluable advising of [ profile] tmcay, who will also be a contestant. Have I mentioned the pressure I'm feeling about that? I'll try to talk more about it if/when I write up the puzzle party, but this man is a game show. It's incredible. Anyway, there are currently twenty-nine players over there, definitely room for more. Check it out.

If you're feeling in the Christmas/Hannukah/Eid al-Fitr/etc. spirit and you're tired of hearing about how video games are the source of all this nation's psychological problems, read up on and contribute to Penny Arcade's Child's Play Program [Link updated, 1/8/11], dedicated to donating video games and video-game systems to children's hospitals.

Only one more day till the Christmas music starts blaring. I'd better get a penny. Maybe a haypenny will do.
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I gave up.

The coin-op laundromat I use also has a fluff & fold service. I've never used it. I thought it was decadent and wasteful.

Oh, how times change.

While I've been baching it up, I've let my spin-cycle duties slide. It happened gradually, until I realized, today, that I didn't have time to wash everything that needed to be washed. Sure, I could just wash what I needed, but I've done that before, and I know that madness lies this way. True, my daily work clothes get done on time, but my other garb gets left aside until I suddenly realize that I need them, and they stink. So I end up wearing work clothes everywhere.

(Incidentally, I do need some more work clothes. Maybe I'll brave the Black Friday rush. I try not to, but last year, I nabbed this spiffy computer, so I'm sure I can at least get some nice, cheap pants.)

Anyway, so today I packed up all of the dirty stuffs I had and dropped them in bags in front of the woman who works there. She was surprised, since I normally wash on my own, but there it is. Today, she is my savior, for tomorrow, she will deliver fluffed and folded clothes.

In other news, the [ profile] johnratite's friends list is growing quite nicely. I think we'll have a good, manageable group. Go check it out, if you haven't, and sign up to play, if you enjoy trivia, games, puzzles, or general fun.

TueNYTX: 4:30.
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Sometimes, it's hard to explain puzzles to those unfamiliar with them. Unsurprisingly, Will Shortz, currently the only person with a degree in Enigmatology, has given a perfect answer in an interview for Wired Magazine:
Q: Why are we so drawn to puzzles?
A: We're faced with puzzles every day in life. What's the fastest way to run some errands? What's the lowest price we can get on home repair? Most problems we're faced with, we just do the best we can — we muddle through. We never know if it's the best solution or not. With a human-made puzzle, when you answer the challenge, you know you have a perfect solution. It's satisfying.
Perfect solutions. If you can understand that concept, you'd be a good member of the National Puzzlers' League.

I'll talk in depth about the party later, but first, I want to talk about something else I'm doing here. I mentioned the idea of holding an LJ trivia contest earlier, and I got a chance to talk with brilliant triva man T McAy at the party. He offered me some tips and encouragement, and so now I can proudly announce a journal designed specifically for such a trivia contest: [ profile] johnratite. Check out the announcement, and add the journal to your friends list to become a player. If you're reading this journal, want to play, and don't have a journal, contact me and I'll try to get you a code. (Note: I'll only distribute codes to people I know or who have been vouched for.) I'll probably get things started by the end of this weekend, using the Thanksgiving holiday to prepare the rules of play and such.


Nov. 15th, 2003 07:16 am
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Work has been hammering me, and combined with recovering from vacation, I haven't had much time to tackle the items on my list. (Before you ask, [ profile] westernactor, Bounce is still low priority.) The Geek Challenge run by [ profile] shawnj has got me thinking that LJ might be a good medium for a John Ratite Trivia Contest. Next week, I'll be meeting T McAy, who presents Mr. Ratite's dementia to the Grey Labyrinth, so I'll ask him for some tips and see how it goes. (For those not willing to slog through the bulletin board, Ratite games are sort of a virtual game show, where contestants move from station to station answering themed trivia questions to open up more locations. Players get disqualified when they're trapped by strategic maneuvering of other players. The last survivor wins. A bit easier than the rush to get a new question under the deadline of the Geek Challenge.)

SatNYTX: 11:45. That's, like, really fast. Got 1A right off the bat, along with two of the 15s.


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