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Tablesaw Tablesawsen ([personal profile] tablesaw) wrote2004-05-15 10:30 am
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Oh, And Also . . .

So, I'm going to a puzzle party today, and I have nothing at all to offer. I was hoping to bring a shrimp cocktail, but apparently I didn't remove the right cover for the overnight thaw, and it's still pretty frozen. So that's no good. On the other hand, [ profile] foggyb has agreed to let me run a hunt that he recently designed and ran in Boston, so the next LA puzzle party will be my show.

And speaking of Boston, I'm going to be there from July 4 to July 12 for the NPL Convention [link removed 6/22/11; original link to ""]. Will I see you in town?

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If you're interested in meeting up. ;)

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July 4th to July 12th... Excellent! :) I will be there with proverbial bells on.

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My trip to the Boston convention is in coordination.