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Attention Gamers (Also Signal-Boost Worthy)

I'll admit that I'm not all that comfortable with sales gimmmicks of the "buy this and I'll donate the proceeds to charity" variety. But this is something else:
DriveThruRPG announced a major incentive to the roleplaying gamer community today to incite donations to aid in rescue and recovery in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Called the "Gamers Helping Haiti Bundle," the product includes over a hundred products totaling over $1000.00 in retail value. For a simple donation of $20 - all of which goes to Doctors Without Borders to support their post-earthquake Haiti relief efforts - RPG fans can have this once-in-a-lifetime collection of gaming products.

DriveThruRPG already had opportunities to donate up and running within a day of the disaster. When publishers began asking how they could support the cause, the bundle was created to be an all-inclusive shared effort.
The total retail value of the $20 charity bundle is $1481.31.

For a $20 donation.


The bundle has over a hundred products, which seems to include components, resources, adventures, self-contained systems, and other gaming-related stuff for download. Fred Hicks has the full list.

You can also make a donation to Doctors Without Borders that DTRPG will match.

If you know a gamer who is a humanitarian or if you know a gamer who is a cruel, greedy troll, they will want to hear about this. Spread the word.

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Timely! I'm teaching a Gaming in Libraries class tomorrow. I'll be sure to mention it in my section on Narrative games.
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Cheers, I know a few (humanitarians, I hope!) and have passed this on.
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Yeah, the first person to do this on a roleplaying tip was Ben Lehman of Tao Games last week:

He raised over $200 that went to Doctors without Borders.

Also: for the game list- I can recommend Beast Hunters and Full Light, Full Steam as games with good mechanics.