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Things I've Seen.

April 4: The Dark Crystal/Labyrinth

The Egyptian had a double feature for these two films, and it was a lot of fun. As many people are already aware, Labyrinth continues to hold up well as a film. The Dark Crystal does not. It's very steeped in late '70s/early '80s fantasy, and the movie often pauses to watch the puppets do strange things. But while I'll always have a place in my heart for this movie, I'll never be able to watch it at home again. Once you've seen the swamps and the Skeksis and everything in big bright colors, the film just doesn't have a point on the small screen.

April 12: The Cabin in the Woods

I went with a long-time Whedon fan to see this in an advance showing at the Arclight on Thursday. The movie really was amazing, and you should go see it. I do think it's a film that benefits from watching without knowing much about it, so no spoilers from me, but it's a movie that I recommend to pretty much everyone.

I don't generally consider myself a horror fan, but I love listening to the podcast Psuedopod (though I'm eternally backlogged a year behind. But in listening, I get a sense of a wider scope of horror stories than one generally expects from what are classified as horror movies. The Cabin in the Woods fits more comfortably in that wider view than what's typically presented in movies.

Again, I recommend it to everyone, and I am especially hoping to see what [personal profile] yendi thnks of it.

April 13: That Dog Reunion Show

From my Tumblr:
Last night, I went to see the reunion show for That Dog. It's been 20 years since they released their first EP, which is about the same time (probably later in the year), that I listend to them do a live set on KCRW on Brave New World.

The show was billed as having songs that were rarely or never played live. I’m glad it was because That Dog has always been better in the deep cuts than the singles. Listening to them perform "Paid Programming" took me back to that time, lying on the floor of my bedroom listening to the radio, falling in love.
It was really a great show. Either Anna Waronker's voice has gotten a bit lower and coarser over time or she just wasn't trying as hard to get the higher pop sound. Either way, a lot of the songs sounded even better than I remembered. I've loaded all the songs onto my iPod, which is kind of redundant, since they've been stuck in my head all day.
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[personal profile] yendi 2012-04-14 11:26 pm (UTC)(link)
I'll post a longer review when I get a chance, but just posted my short one, which is pretty much in line with yours.
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[personal profile] yeloson 2012-04-15 07:41 am (UTC)(link)
Apparently when Dark Crystal was first shot, the idea was to have the entire movie in a made-up language w/o subtitles. I wish they included that track on the DVD re-releases (w/subtitles, of course), just for geek factor.

Even if the visuals don't stand up, it remains one of my favorite movies for the issues that occur with cultural genocide, forced assimilation/adoption of alternate cultures and the issues of piecing together one's history. It resonated a lot to my 3rd generation emotional space.

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Glad to see the TD reunion show was good. I remember reading their RFTS tour was ungood. I wonder whether they're actually friends again or whether they're gritting their teeth& making it work for the sake of the fans and/or profits