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Tablesaw Tablesawsen ([personal profile] tablesaw) wrote2003-11-12 10:24 am
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Okay. Here's the topic list. I'll cross them out as I get them down:Also, apparently, I'm supposed to say "GIP" even though I don't know what it means. What I really want to say is that I enjoyed last week's Angel.

ETA: I'm also supposed to thank [ profile] saava for the icon, via [ profile] minervacat.

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Write about me first!

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Gratuitous Icon Post.

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aw -- your new icon's cute... even if it seems strange for you to have one without a tablesaw in! i like it!
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As such, it won't be used often.

Just one issue.

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Move the third item to the top slot. Other than that, I'm looking forward to all your backlogged ruminations!