Jul. 16th, 2011 03:57 pm
tablesaw: Benito Juarez holds up a neon sign that says "GET OUTTA MY COUNTRY ARCHDICK" (Archdick)
Benito Juarez has a message for Archduke Ferdinand, from Hark, A Vagrant
tablesaw: One machete is raised, a host more rise to meet it. (From the "Machete" trailer in "Grindhouse".) (Brown Power)
In a 1998 survey, three different groups of white people were asked whether they had black friends

One group was asked, "Are any of your good friends that you feel close to Black?" When asked directly, 42% of white people said they has good friends who are black.

The next group was asked three consecutive questions. First they were asked, "Do you have any good friends that you feel close to?" If they answered yes, they were asked "About how many good friends do you have?" Finally, they were asked, "How many of your good friends are Black?" When asked with this three-step approach, 24% of white people answered that one or more of those close friends was black.

The last group was asked, "Many people have some good friends they feel close to. Who are your good friends (other than your spouse)? Just tell me their first names. Is there anyone else?" Information was taken on the first five people mentioned, including race. When investigating social networks, only 6% of white people listed at least one black person among their five closest friends.

In contrast, when black people were asked the same question about white friends, the responses were 62%, 45%, and 15% respectively.
Why this happens. )
Tom W. Smith, "Measuring Inter-racial Friendships: Experimental Comparisons" [PDF]

While I was looking for this paper, I made this too:

A photograph of Stephen Colbert, smiling ecstatically and pointing at his 'black friend' Alan. Alan appears less than thrilled. Text reads: BBFF.


Mar. 1st, 2011 11:09 pm
tablesaw: Burton Guster says 'Beer' in a seriously manly fashion, man. Because it's a man thing. Beer. (Beer)
I now have an icon for booze-related things. Made by [personal profile] entwashian!

Also, I made one for puzzle constructing, based on last week's Buttersafe.

I also updated my Duck Hunt icon, based "Schadenfreude Dog" from Aled Lewis's Videogames vs. Real Life series.

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Been feeling sick. Spent most of yesterday in bed and still didn't sleep well. I've got some sort of stomach bug that's keeping me sidelined. But I will not let it stop me from seeing double/triple features this week.

No RPG last week, and possibly none this week, but I did manage to get some boardgaming in with [ profile] cramerica and [ profile] ojouchan. Games played: Bang, Red November, Werewolf, and Roll through the Ages. I got hosed in Bang, by the cards as well as the players, but we squeaked out a win in the cooperative Red November. (One gnome died at the very end, but everyone else survived.) Werewolf was meh, which is usually my opinion. And I really enjoyed Roll through the Ages, which had a lot of nice strategy in a simple presentation.

Three weeks ago, we were talking about Bioshock during RPG gaming. Another players was working their way through it and was a bit behind me. Two weeks ago, the other guy had finished the game, and I'd advanced another level. WHUT?

Shamed, I've been trying to hurry my gameplaying, but I'm a naturally slow player. And that caution has taken its toll. I've got way too much money, and when I try to spend it, I usually find that I don't have any thing I need to buy. I think I'm pretty close to the end now, though.

A map of the Southwest United States. The state of Arizona is red, and the label has been replaced with 'Police.' Drawn by Lalo Alcaraz.

Holy shit, Arizona!

It looks like Brewer signed the bill on Friday hoping to bury it in the news cycle. Campaigns like Alto Arizona are still set up to leverage a veto, so it's not clear what's going to happen going forward. But there's a demonstration planned for tomorrow, so I imagine there'll be a new course of action come Monday morning.

In other racism takedowns:

Fourth place in an icon contest. Hey, Dan, want a Ratio Hornblower icon?

Ratio Hornblower, from Smile Time
tablesaw: Walt Besa, Junior Associate at Wolfram & Hart, Competition and Anti-Trust. (Portrayed by James Roday) (Walt Besa)
First of all, let me show off my shiny new icon. Just one of the perks of being on the most awesome team at [ profile] whedonland.

The Smallville RPG continues to be awesome and lots of fun. It's really well made for episodic drama involving people with super or supernatural powers. Since that describes a lot of the TV shows I watch, I think it's fantastic. As a result of this, as I watch some of my regular TV shows, I keep flashing on the Smallville RPG structure as underlying the structure of the episodes.

And this is how I know the game is well made: watching unrelated TV shows is helping me to understand strategies involved in the RPG. Supernatural and Vampire Diaries both illuminated tactics and styles of play that I hadn't considered.

I shudder to think of what will happen if I rewatch Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Speaking of RPGs, talking with a new friend today, it became very clear that I need to get a new game of In a Wicked Age going. Describing it to her got me excited about the game all over again, and had her drooling over the prospect. Rereading the PDF now . . .

And now, some animated icons:
The Joker (César Romero) rises up from the bottom of the icon: WTF!
Alt="The Joker (Cesar Romero) rises up from the bottom of the icon: WTF!"
Title="Holy WTF, Batman!"

In honor of César Chávez Day on March 31, I was inspired to make an icon of César Romero, because you don't know what César Chávez looks like.

Also, pixel art and animation recreated from Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Game:

The Bad Horse Chorus surronds Dr. Horrible in the 8-bit, pixelated 'Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Game.'
Title="Bad Horse (8-Bit)"
Alt="The Bad Horse Chorus surronds Dr. Horrible in the 8-bit, pixelated 'Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Game.'"

'I like your hair.' 'What?' 'I mean . . . I like the air.' Penny and Billy in the 8-bit, pixelated 'Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Game.'
Title="I Like the Air (8-Bit)"
Alt="'I like your hair.' 'What?' 'I mean . . . I like the air.' Penny and Billy in the 8-bit, pixelated 'Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Game.'"
tablesaw: The Mexican Murder Rock from <cite>Warehouse 13</cite> (Mexican Murder Rock!)
Maya Hieroglyph workshop is shaping up to be awesome. Today's lecture was a survey of the history of decipherment, which was a pretty cool story. I may put up the notes I took.

I took the metro/bus to CSULA, which was fun. I sat in front of two women talking about the tricks teases they dealt with during the day. Less fun was the ride home. Due to construction, several buses weren't running, and none of the operational lines were stopping at the very nice covered bus stop. Oh, did I mention that it was raining now?

Still don't regret the public transport, but I'll be driving tomorrow.

Also, over at [ profile] whedonland, I won second place in an icon contest. That's pretty surprising. I'd basically resigned myself to never winning anything ever for icons, because my own taste is pretty far out of step with the rest of the people playing. (It's not so much that I never win; it's that nothing I vote for ever seems to win.) But I still love doing them, and there've been some great things to work with.

The challenge this time was to make a monochrome (black-and-white) icon, with pretty much no other restrictions. Here's mine:

Captain Malcolm Reynolds pushes open the bay doors of Serenity for the first time.

When I was thinking of black-and-white in the Whedonverse, this was the image I thought of. The second thing I thought of was this:

Vampire Hunter Holtz sees the world in black and white.

(And because my love of secondary and tertiary characters leaves me terminally out of step, I still think the Holtz one is far more awesome.)

What's more, Psych just did a mini pseudo crossover with ReGenesis!
tablesaw: Two women put the star on a Christmas tree. (Apocalyptic Christmas)
Over the holiday, I had the urge to reread A Lesson Is Learned, but the Damage is Irreversible. It's a brief but gorgeous webcomic that ran in 2004 and 2006.

And I decided to make some icons out of them, as you do.

'Shut the fuck up!' Small rodents picnic on the grass and stare at the clouds. A black woman and a white man hold each other on a park bench.

All 10+1 icons beneath the cut )

The icon for this post is my new Christmas icon, just in time.
tablesaw: Two yellow roses against a bright blue sky. (Family Roses)
I fixed the Twilight Zone icon from yesterday, so here it is for LJ watchers:

The Maple Street streetlight blinks on and off and on.

But the icon for this post is different:

Two yellow roses against a bright blue sky.

This icon comes from a picture taken by my dad of the rose bush in front of our house. Before being in front of our house, it was in the yard of my aunt Debbie who died six years ago.

There've always been rosebushes in my mother's family. I remember helping (or rather "helping" as young children are often employed) my grandmother to do something with the roses in the yard of her Sherman Oaks home. It might be that this rosebush was originally one of my grandmother's; I've lost track of the lineage of roses.

I don't think my mother's been as diligent in her upkeep, but we live in Los Angeles, and we can get pretty lucky with plants, and so the flowers come out when they feel like it, and survive until the next time.
tablesaw: The Maple Street streetlight blinks on and off and on. (Monsters Are Due)
Did I miss it when people were talking about this year being the 50th anniversary of The Twilight Zone? Maybe I heard it earlier this year? Regardless, I was working on the "Monsters Are Due on Maple Street" icon for [ profile] tvpassiton when I noticed it was true. In thirteen days, it'll be fifty years since "Time Enough at Last" premiered.

(Of course, now that I see the icon on a different monitor, though, I can see that I screwed up the coloring a bit, so I'll redo it tomorrow.)

The first three seasons are available for streaming at CBS. I think I'm going to put it on my list of old shows to watch; I'm still working my way through The Mysterious Cities of Gold. It might even be appropriate for a Rewatch project, like the various Farscape rewatches.
tablesaw: Close crop on Brock Samson's I'm-gonna-kill-you face. (Brock Samson)
Actually, [personal profile] ojouchan and I had no problems watching the season premiere of The Venture Bros., but most of our friends were not so lucky. The West Coast feed of Adult Swim played the first half twice, and the second half nunce, but our HD channel is on the East Coast feed.

No, this is just a GIP for a new Brock Samson icon I made:

Close crop on Brock Samson's I'm-gonna-kill-you face.
tablesaw: "The Accurate Tablesaw" (Accurate)
I decided to spruce up some of my old userpics. Nothing special, I just pulled up the original images, if I could find them; sharpened them up a little; and saved them again in a better format.

A couple weeks ago, [ profile] ojouchan told me she hated one of my icons. I agreed with her, saying I was thinking about dropping it. But after a little while, we realized we were talking about two different icons—I liked one but not the other, and so did she, but vice versa.

And so, a poll:

Poll #1295 One Saw Leaves
This poll is closed.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 17

Which icon sucks more?

View Answers

A workshop safety diagram
9 (52.9%)

A cartoon guy using a tablesaw
8 (47.1%)

I have selected the icon I hate most of the two above, but among your other icons is an icon that I hate more, and I shall tell you what it is in the following box:

tablesaw: Paul, who is a ghost, declares this to be "Booooring!" (Booooring)
Pictures for Sad Children is probably my favorite webcomic. I regularly tear through the archives when I'm feeling down. Or up. Or anything at all.

It's monochrome and minimalist, but it seriously has an amazing sense of comic timing, even though most of its topics (such as they are) are incredibly pessimistic.

Anyway, I went through the archive again recently, and thought some of these would be fun as icons. And since I am in an icon frenzy, I made a few, and learned new things about Photoshop.

1 2 3
4 5 6

Sources: PFSC nos. 7, 65, 103, 126, 172 and 290 by [ profile] stereotypist.

Take 'em if you want 'em.

Also, I bought a DVD of ALF Tales for two bucks at Big Lots. We shall see how well it holds up.
tablesaw: A sketch of me talking and smiling. (Personable)
On Thursday, I slept well past noon.

Wait, hold on. Before that, I woke up before sunrise. Because I didn't have to work, I thought I'd make breakfast for [ profile] ojouchan for Ramadan. So (beef) bacon and eggs were cooked, badly at first, and with greater skill as my eyes focused. By the time I was done, [ profile] cthulhia had woken up (or given up trying to sleep), and she joined us. We had food until eventually everyone passed out again, where I stayed until well past noon.

To continue, Cthulhia and I headed over to Thai Town for kanom krak at Bhan Kanom Thai, and an actual meal at Thai Patio. Both were good, though coconut (the key ingredient in kanom krak) isn't really my thing. But soon enough, we were off across the valley to the Getty Center.

It seems like every time I'm at the Getty, I'm with a woman who knows far more about everything to do with art than I do. Which is awesome. The smoke wasn't as bad as I expected, and we got to see a lot of Los Angeles. We stayed until they started kicking us out of places, then we drove back to Los Angeles along Mulholland Drive.

We finished the day with [ profile] ojouchan and Cthulhia's NIN hostess [ profile] m0reta at Fat Fish, which was fat and fishy as always.

Friday, I went back to work. There's schedule weirdness when it comes to holidays, but the upshot is that my weekend went all over the place. So after my normal Thursday, I went in for another day in the office, to pave the way for my Labor Day weekend.

It was, to put it bluntly, a bad idea. There were lots of folks out on vacation, and a number more who just coincidentally got sick. And although we expected a slow day going into the long weekend, what we got instead was a bunch of lawyers who wanted things done now now now before the weekend was over. I got home achey and angry, and I don't even remember what else I did that night.

Saturday, I went back to work again, and this time things were slow. During downtime, I learned more about Photoshop, and made this:
A sketch of me talking and smiling.
It's from a drawing by [ profile] persona_kun for The Gamer's Quarter, from the time we all went to dinner at Orochon Ramen.

I left a little early (like everyone else got to do the day before), and hurried home to quickly pack. A short while later, Ojou and I said goodbye to Cthulhia and set ourselves on the road to Las Vegas.

It wasn't the greatest drive ever. There was some minor traffic on the way out of Los Angeles. And then we had to drive through Mordor. The Station Fire wasn't actually anywhere near the 15 (our home is much closer), but the wind was blowing the smoke east. And we hit Angeles National Forest right around sunset, to make the creepy even creepier. Somewhere around there, I had to switch from music to podcasts to keep myself from feeling disoriented.

We stopped in Barstow for dinner, but our first choice Bob's Big Boy was closed. It wasn't even late yet, but for some reason, they'd decided they should clean their carpets when we wanted a simple Big Boy Combo.

Rebuffed, wanting to get back on the road, and not wanting to spend much money, we stopped at Del Taco instead. We usually have good food there, but it wasn't so great then. So not great, in fact, that we had to pull over in Baker and at another rest area just a bit farther on so that Ojou could visit the restroom.

Eventually, we got to the hotel a little late, just after midnight, in fact. Ojou was still feeling shaky, but I called [ profile] hahathor to meet up for a quick hug and meet up. She gave me her room number, and since we were both on the second floor, I walked down the hall.

Until I ran into a wall. The number Hathor'd given me wasn't there. It turns out she was in a different Las Vegas Hilton Embassy Suites less than a mile away along the same road. We were in the wrong hotel. So we went to bed.

And sometime around five a.m., I got the same stomach trouble that Ojou'd had.

Yes I Con

Aug. 30th, 2009 07:33 pm
tablesaw: Manny Calavera, from Grim Fandango (Grim Fandango)
Learned to do some fun things with Photoshop at work today, and here's another icon.
Manny Calavera, from Grim Fandango
So I guess I should talk about videogames, then? I'm currently playing Secret of Mana on the Wii Virtual Console. It's fun and relaxing for short periods of time.

When it comes to games I'm looking forward to, it's pretty much limited to Scribblenauts. But that's okay, because Scribblenauts looks like the coolest game ever.
tablesaw: The Mexican Murder Rock from <cite>Warehouse 13</cite> (Mexican Murder Rock!)
I finally did it.
The Mexican Murder Rock from <cite>Warehouse 13</cite>
The most fun thing was researching Mexican fonts. I used a Flickr group showing slides from Mexico: Forging the Character, a presentation by Isaías Loaiza Ramírez. I went with Luchita Payol, (though if it'd been free, I might've used Aztlán (PDF).


Aug. 23rd, 2009 11:21 am
tablesaw: A trial sign ("This trail is OPEN") against a blue sky in Los Angeles's Griffith Park. (Hiking (Open Trails))
I made a new icon for hiking posts. Having Photoshop and a paid Dreamwidth account is driving me a little icon happy, I guess.

It's taken from this photo, which is also my computer desktop at work.

From Griffith Park
tablesaw: Weremerican! (Weremerican)
During my lunch, I created this icon to accompany a post about Warehouse 13. Then everything got really busy, and all I had was the icon.
So, yeah, here it is. It's taken from a comic strip by [ profile] stereotypist of Pictures for Sad Children ([syndicated profile] pfsc_feed/[ profile] pfsc).

I am at the beach now, and will be again tomorrow. So that will influence my posting.
tablesaw: Gaff, from <cite>Blade Runner</cite> (Gaff)
I've got Photoshop at work, now. So I've been spending downtime haphazardly learning how to use it. This is my first attempt at a Gaff icon. I may replace it, especially if I get a chance to take my own screencap.

[ profile] evilprodigy has a post about invoking the historical oppression of Irish-Americans, "[IBARW] It's Not The Same Thing (Or, Leave Your Irish Ancestors In Their Graves)." The comments touch on American assimilation, directly and cluelessly indirectly.

The extent to which "assimilation" is contingent on whiteness, or the acceptance of white supremacy, is rarely discussed during "melting pot" idealism. It reminded me of this passage:
A 1933 report submitted to the FHA by one of its consultants, Home Hoyt, reveals the FHA's assessment of racial worth and its acknowledgment of the fluid and contingent boundaries of white identity:
If the entrance of a colored family into a white neighborhood causes a general exodus of the white people it is reflected in property values. Except in the case of Negroes and Mexicans, however,these racial and national barriers disappear when the individuals of foreign nationality groups rise in the economic scale or conform to American standards of living. . . . While the ranking may be scientifically wrong from the standpoint of inherent racial characteristics, it registers an opinion or prejudice that is reflect in land values; it is the ranking of race and nationalities with respect to the beneficial effect upon land values. Those having the most favorable effect come first on the list and those exerting the most detrimental effect appear last:
  1. English, Germans, Scots, Irish, Scandinavians
  2. North Italians
  3. Bohemians or Czechoslovakians
  4. Poles
  5. Lithuanians
  6. Greeks
  7. Russian Jews of lower class
  8. South Italians
  9. Negroes
  10. Mexicans
Thus, FHA officials recognized the inherent instability of ethnic hierarchies, but remained vigilant toward racial distinctions between white and nonwhite. This recognition provided a material basis for the development of an inclusive white identity predicated on suburban home ownership, and in Southern California, where the FHA maintained a most vital role in shaping regional patterns of suburban development, the settlement of places such as Orange County and the San Fernando Valley created a space where a diverse array of whites and white ethnics could "conform to American standards of living."
—Eric Avila, Popular Culture in the Age of White Flight: Fear and Fantasy in Suburban Los Angeles

I believe the emphasis wasn't in the original. Of course, by the 30s, the Irish had clearly ascended to whiteness, but you can see the stratification of other groups whose status would change with the next World War. Except for those two groups at the bottom, of course. I wonder what they have in common.
tablesaw: "Tablesaw Basics" (Manual)
DW now has a journal-search function in beta for paid users, of which I am now one. That's pretty cool.

Members of paid communities can also search those communities, which is also very cool.

Searching my journal has revealed to me that I wanted a Li'l Gumshoe icon from Pushing Daisies. Better go looking for that.
tablesaw: "This sounds like Waiting for Spy Godot" (Hunt)
After some delay, I bought a one-year Dreamwidth account. I've lost track of what that gets me, other than more icons, so I guess I'd better go looking for more icons.

Adam Cadre has a very good analysis of Election:
But what's interesting is that Tracy spends the whole movie seething that she isn't appreciated by others for the hard work that she performs on her own behalf. And that, I think, is a pretty astute observation about American culture. People are very reluctant to let go of ideologies that make them feel good about themselves. Given the choice between psychic rewards and material rewards, they will choose the latter... and then whine because they want both.

Chimatli at the LA Eastside blog rebukes the New York Times for discovering "a new culture district in Los Angeles" in Highland Park.
Here’s the thing, no matter how much they may try to re-write our history and impose ideas of culture on us, Highland Park is not Silver Lake. It’s an old neighborhood of Chicanos, immigrants and working-class White folks that have some of the fiercest neighborhood pride in the Los Angeles area. This area is deep with tradition, culture and dynamic energy.
(Discoverability? Didn't I . . . I'd better pull those notes out before they rot.)

It was [ profile] ojouchan's birthday this weekend, so we did a bunch of things. We went to see Harry Potter, we went to see Tori Amos at the Greek Theatre, we ate at the pop-up restaurant Ludo Bites, and we sang along to an apparently rare public screening of "Once More, With Feeling." That was actually quite a lot of things done, and all of them excellent.


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