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As of today, all of my student loans are paid off. To make the point clearer, I paid off this month's credit card bill last night.

Today, I have zero debt.
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Normally, I don't write about my work outside of locked posts, but something happened recently that's big enough that I need to make an exception.

Last week I got a promotion at work. I'm still going to be doing general proofreading work, but I'm also going to be in charge of a bunch of new administrative functions and other complicated stuff. The position and the system are new, so it's not entirely clear yet.

More important than that, I'm getting a significant raise.

And more important than that, I'm getting a new schedule.

After over eight years working on the graveyard shift, I'm finally going to be working daytime hours again: 8:30–5, Saturday–Wednesday.

(Yeah, I know, working weekends is a bitch, but I still think it's a step up all around.)

I start the new schedule on Sunday, and the new system gets started on Monday.

All in all, I think this merits my first poll on Dreamwidth (Open ID accounts can still respond.)

Poll #157 Promotional Consideration provided by . . . YOU!
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How awesome is this promotion?

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3 (20.0%)

8 (53.3%)

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What should I do in Downtown LA during my new hour-long lunch break in my first week on the day shift?

What should I do in the evenings after work in my first week on the day shift?

What should I do on my first "weekend" (Thursday & Friday) after my first week on the day shift?

What should I do with my first post-raise paycheck to celebrate (around May 15)?

How's the Dreamwidth poll working out?

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Okay, I guess.
6 (40.0%)

Totally awesome.
4 (26.7%)

Better than I would have thought.
2 (13.3%)

It's a pain.
1 (6.7%)

How the hell should I know, I'm just answering questions here.
5 (33.3%)

The crossposter screwed it up on LJ in unexpected way.
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I wasn't able to answer the poll on Dreamwidth at all.
1 (6.7%)

No really, I wasn't able to post, and this response is not a paradox at all.
2 (13.3%)

I was hoping that the results would be private so I could tell you a titillating secret.
1 (6.7%)

2 (13.3%)

Anything else?


Apr. 14th, 2009 02:05 pm
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I'd intended to do my taxes earlier than later this year, but a delay in getting my game-show-prize form and dithering over whether or not [ profile] ojouchan earned enough to qualify as a dependent put it off to the last minute again. And boy did it hurt. We'd been on a roll again with saving money and knocking down debt, and this excess cost of the winnings knock us back to the baseline again for a month.

The moral of the story is that if we'd gotten married in Vegas last year instead of holding to our principles and waiting until we could plan a marriage to gloriously inaugurate our marriage (which many would say is already de facto underway), we'd have a few thousand dollars more today with which to pay for a belated wedding.

Stupid principles.

Luckily, that extra liability won't be a problem for next year, and I'm glad it's not still hanging over us. But still: Oof.


Jul. 21st, 2008 05:36 am
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When I was looking at my budget last month, I made one seemingly insignificant cut that's had a huge effect. I ended my subscription to Nikoli.

It's not going to save a lot of money, 550 yen per month is not a whole lot. But it's given me backa lot of time. The kind of logic puzzle that Nikoli serves up so consistently and elegantly is like an anesthetic for my brain. And I have a tendency to fire up the nurikabe and let everything else fall away.

Without Nikoli, I've gone back to the NPL wordplay magazine, The Enigma. At the end of last month, I spent a few hours trying to solve May's issue, and turned out a respectable sixty-five out of seventy-five flats. For June's issue, I'm (mostly) one puzzle away from completing the entire issue.

If anyone wants to trade hints for June 29, I'm open to it. I'd also like to have some confirmations regarding #65 and F6. For the latter, I have an answer which is probably not intended, but which is perfectly defensible (the double edge of bad cluing), and for F6, I have no real way of confirming if my consonants for 5 Across are correct.

MonNYTX: 4:30.
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I finally have regained my car, and it's running well. I had a scare last night when the gas station attached to the garage I use refused my check card. I had to get a last-minute bailout from my parents in exchange for a check. Luckily, it appears that it was just a random malfunction, since all the money remains in my account. So, Mom, since I know you're reading this, yes, you can cash the check, I'm not in any dire financial straits that I'm hiding from you.

Moving on.

It was a long day at work, getting to know some of the firm's underutilized software. We have lots of very powerful programs that are loaded onto our computers with no explanation, so nobody knows how or when to use it. And they tend to lie dormant until the right job comes in overnight, and I start using my 1337 help-file-reading skillz to figure out what can be done. And of course, it helps when I can blast Pink Martini while I work.

Furthermore, one of my coworkers is involved with organizing "Airplane! The Reading! The Return!," [link removed 8/13/11; originally ""] a staged reading of the script of Airplane, at TreePeople Park Friday and Saturday night. It certainly sounds like fun, and if any other Angelenos are interested, let me know.


Jul. 29th, 2002 11:48 am
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Why is it that when I go to Borders to redeem a $15 gift certificate, I end up spending $60?

I picked up two books by James Tiptree, Jr. whose work I've been keeping an eye out for a while. I was floored by some of her Nebula-winning short fiction, but couldn't find her work in stores. I also picked up volume ten of The New York Times Tough Crossword Puzzles, since I'm just about through with volume nine. Finally, I got a copy of the AP Stylebook because I'm a great big writing snob and didn't want to fall behind [ profile] fauxpas.
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Today is my last day off for a while. I'm going to be working overtime to cover for my fellow lobster-shift employee and to earn money for my upcoming move. The date has been pushed back to the end of August, but I'll still need some moolah. I also plan on buying a GameCube as a housewarming gift to myself, so spare cash is good.

I read at Mass last night, and T. was there, so were [ profile] wjukknibs and his brother. T. arrived almost late, so she rushed by me smiling before I processed in. After the Mass was over, I stuck around talking with [ profile] wjukknibs and his brother, then talked with T. She's been in Mexico on a study program and just got back.

Recently, I've been bantering with [ profile] cruciverbalist about whether or not a person notices when other people have an interest in him or her. My theory is that the most people notice less than is present.

Well, I could be wrong, but I think that [ profile] wjukknibs will back me up when I say that T. had the same elated grin on that I had when we were talking.

I like that.

Now to exchange these Hollywood Bowl tickets and ask her to accompany me.


Jul. 10th, 2002 06:30 am
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So, I got my annual review and raise. I got high marks on most everything, with the lowest on the "Relationships" section:

To some, Tony seems quiet, shy, intense. He strikes others as arrogant and distant.

Why thank you for telling me this! I have never heard this in my entire life! Seriously, I know how I come across to some, particularly those I don't know well, and I've had these exact descriptions repeated to me since high school. I'm used to it, why can't they be?

More interesting was the following suggestion:

He might see if anyone wants to order dinner with him. [A gesture like this] would show he cares about members of the team.

Well, (A) I bring my own lunch to work every night due to the fact that (B) there aren't really a whole hell of a lot of good restaurants open down town at three in the morning when I eat!!!

I was heartened by the fact that the coworkers with whom I work more consistently and with whom I get along better thought most of this to be a load of crap as well (they didn't believe the dinner suggestion until I showed it to them), so I suspect that the "distant" and "arrogant" comments come more from those with whom I have only passing contact at the beginning and end of my shift.

MonNYTX: 5. Good theme, but some of the other clues were iffy. MonLATX: 5:15. TueNYTX: 8:45. Great work with the theme, but is "Long Island Railroad stop" really a fair clue for out-of-towners? TueLATX: 7:45.


Jun. 20th, 2002 09:44 am
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I feel icky for no apparent reason. I'm just strung along between projects. I wanted to wind down at a coffee hose on my way home, but I couldn't since (a) I had no cash, (b) I left my ATM card at home and (c) I'm facing a $2000 mechanic's bill sometime today.

So instead, I drove home through thicker-than-usual traffic under an ugly gray sky, and now there's a twist in my chest that I can't shake loose. It wasn't there yesterady; I can only hope it won't be there tomorrow.

What I really need right now is someone to talk to. Someone to listen to. Someone to engage me.

Just now, a telemarketer called. It took everything I had in me not to spend several minutes fucking with her head. I'm glad I didn't, because she sounded very nice, but it concerns me that I have that kind of humour in me right now.

I'm stalled out on all of my projects right now (kind of like my car, funny that). And stalled out in a way that I wasn't yesterday morning, so I hope this is an extreme but temporary low point. My greatest fear right now is that I'm not going to get to sleep today, which would be bad all around.

I've enjoyed living at home this past year, but suddenly, with a new place being built for me, I really want to get out of here and into there. Probably a bad idea since I think they're still laying concrete, but you get the idea. So I'm somewhat worried about whether I'll be able to get all of my ducks in a row to pick up my uncle's furniture this weekend. The price seems right, but the manpower looks to be harder to organize this time.

I'm going to go out and read for a while and see if I can calm down. I should probably cook some dinner to, now that I think on it.


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