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I wrote something about games and art, inspired by (lashing back at) Brian Moriarty's "An Apology for Roger Ebert," presented at last month's Game Developers' Conference. And then it got eaten. So instead of an argument, you get the bullet-point takeaway:
  • Scopenhauer's artistic aesthetics were dumb, and Moriarty and Ebert are dumb for adopting them.
  • The player of a game is not the audience of a game, just as an actor is not the audience of a playscript, and a musician is not the audience of a score.
  • The player of a game is an artistic collaborator, who works with the intermediate product provided by the game's "creators," to produce art which has no audience.
  • Games lack an audience not in the traditionally understood manner (nobody is desires to or is able to observe the art), but in a profound and fundamental way, in that they cannot be understood except through entering collaboration. Any product produced by the
  • The traditional definition of art requires an audience, and that is a flaw in the current conception of art.
  • It is possible that the role of the player is not as a collaborator, but as a medium for the creators (albeit a medium that leads to oblivion, rather than an audience, as a destination).
There. Now you figure it out.

The Shinies

Mar. 9th, 2011 10:44 pm
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As I said earlier, I got a Tumblr a while back, and it's getting pretty active. I know that there are lots of people using Tumblr for various blog things, but it just doesn't work out so well for me like that. It is a great way for me to do something with all the little bits of shiny that come across my path in the course of surfing, things that are too inconsequential for me to be interested in writing about here. Pretty images, videos I like, occasionally some puzzles, it's all going up over there.

I've also started tackling one of those 30-day memes, this one for videogames. Because it's tumblr, I'm making an effort to share some form of media with each entry.

So that's where all the blogging that's not about stuff stuff is going, in case you were curious.


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