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Hey, Alyssa Bereznak, to paraphrase Ellen Ripstein, "What are you the best in the world at?"


May. 1st, 2004 12:07 am
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1. Go into your LJ's archives.
2. Find your 23rd post (or closest to).
3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
I think that this meme is pretty stupid, so I've been avoiding it. But just now, I went and looked up my twenty-third entry, and I found it pretty amusing. It's from the twenty-second of March, 2002:
hay,i am onhere becouse i would like to meet somone, fun,smart,spearatuale and kind harted.i realy love animals i have a horse and a dog, i enjoy,going to the movies watching plays, painting, photagraphy, hanging out with freinds, and i read palms.
i would like to meet somone, funny, rtistic, a litle speratuale and kind harted,. somone who has an imagination, and i have never been with a real romantic guy id like that.


Feb. 10th, 2004 05:36 pm
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I just got a phone call from a dating service. It got sent to my voice mail and no message was left. Still, to my knowledge, I've never dealt with them before. But, you know, if they've got a date for me anyhow, I'm willing to sign up.

TueNYTX: 4:05.

Slow day.

Jun. 7th, 2002 02:29 am
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It's my sister's birthday. How did that happen? I guess with her graduation I wasn't paying attention. So I've got to find a gift fast.

Started a correspondence on Don't know how it will turn out, definitely friend material, though. And I've not forgotten about T. I'm going to try to get her to breakfast/dinner soon.

FriLATX: 7:45. I miss the New York Times.
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Sent emails to the two top prospects from my list of twelve from (Yeah, twelve. I miscounted last time. D'oh!) Now I think I have the energy and motivation for a short walk (circa 30 min.) before turning in.

(It occurs to me that my angsting over unknown matchpersons may be somewhat annoying to the uninitiated. Feel free to ask me for their profile references; I'd rather not post them on my journal for safety reasons. If you know me, or are on my friends list, you have my address.)
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Ugh. Halfway-tired and half-way restless. Never a good way to be.

I did a thorough scouring of and found about thirteen interesting candidates (from a group of 300). I think I'll send some responses out as well.

If I don't get a response from QB later today, I might add a "still there?" message.

FriWSJX: 25. The only Tax Day theme I saw this weekend. MonNYTX: 4:15. MonLATX: 4. (NB: The online, litzed version of Monday's LATX has an error in the answers).
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Despite having been scheduled as the lector for tonight's Mass, T. was nowhere to be found. Looks like I'll have to fall back on plan B and drop by her work, although I have a sinking suspicion she won't be there if I do.

I. has closed off contact at eharmony. Too bad. There also goes my interest in the site. QB has not yet responded to last email.

Getting up for Mass has left me tired, and although it was very warm today, it has just rained, leaving me disinclined to jump into the pool as earlier mentioned.

And [ profile] veek has left the state. All in all, a generally sucky day.
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ThuNYTX: 7:45. Fun theme. ThuLATX: 5:30. An unusual theme.

I have a variety of cheeses and toppings for the pizza and cheese extravaganza with [ profile] veek after work. It will be most fun.

QB (formerly known as the awkwardly and inappropriately aliased 'wheelchair girl') responded today, and I sent back another letter. Communication with I. is still moving slowly, and I think I may have come up with a cover story that would take me into the parish center. Now to pray that T. will be there.

I found a mix tape I made for Ex long before we started dating. It's a good tape, and so I blasted the music loudly as I drove, something I haven't done for a while. It's been too long since I listened to some of those bands like Belle and Sebastian, Maggie Estep and Dudley. For that matter, it's been a long time since I played tapes in my car; I thought the tape player had been broken.
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I wanted to go to bed an hour ago, but laundry has prevented that. I should have known better. After I got back from my walk, I forgot to set the dryer running again. But it should end shortly.

Since I was awake and drowsy, I sent a Match contact to the wheelchair girl (who, if she responds, is definitely getting a new pseudonym). She really does have a great profile, it kind of left me at a loss for words when drafting my response. Hopefully that comes across as "endearingly disarmed" and not "slackjawed."

I've weighed that options, and barging into the Parish Center to ask T. out would, I believe, be less embarrassing that trying to enlist mother's help. Maybe [ profile] veek can get me tipsy on Thursday morning and push my toward the church. Or maybe I could wait until Sunday, if I didn't fear veek kicking my fundament for procrastination.

Going to lie down now, while my pants lose their moistness.
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Nice walk today. Sixty minutes on the dot; up a large hill then back down. Now heading to bed. I'd like to try to catch Gosford Park tonight, but I also need to pop into the NPL chat room tonight to get some confirmations on this month's Enigma. There's a shortened solving time, and I'm close to a complete (i.e. solving every puzzle in the issue) so i don't want to take any chances.

Sent out a Match contact. Debating on whether or not to answer a particular ad. Brilliant profile, but the woman in question is in a wheelchair. She's very cute, but tiny (5'0" to my 5'15"). I'm not certain if I'm being overly cautious or prejudicial or if I'm just finding an excuse not to contact someone who seems really interesting and attractive.


Apr. 5th, 2002 09:40 am
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Got a response back from I. today. She is a college admissions officer, so she's been very busy. She won points before for best questions; today she wins points for her use of the word para-professional. Also, she spells Hawai'i with the apostrophe. No pictures, though.

Must sleep. I have to brave daytime traffic. Better leave the TV on so I can get up at five.

Clara Bows.

Apr. 1st, 2002 12:33 pm
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So now that I've gotten the ball rolling with T., I'll take stock of the personals front again.

Since she thanked me for my understanding, there has been no word from J.

Jackie O., from has not responded since my last email.

Although there have been a few likely candidates on in the past few days, I haven't sent out any contacts.

Harmony, the petite, Asian girl with no major spelling errors from eharmony, has dropped communication.

I., the other girl from eharmony has finally responded. She seems very nice, and apologized for taking so long. Ah, consideration. Such a nice thing.

And of course, there's T. whom I spoke with just the other day.

So for those keeping score: J. still maintains a ghostly presence, although her reappearance is unlikely. Harmony and Jackie O. are out of the game for good, and their names are eligible for recycling. So my focus shifts to the I. T. girls.

But first, sleep.
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My feet have been cleansed, following the mandate of Christ. The cryptic is now pretty much finished and is waiting for its solvers. (I'll update the puzzle when I get home to the same link as listed yesterday. Thanks again, [ profile] davidglasser, for pointing out some simple errors.) And there's actually been work today, a Court pleading that needed a grammatical tune up.

But returning to the Triduum, Holy Thursday has a very unusual Mass for Catholics. Holy Thursday is the feast celebrating the Last Supper, when Jesus created the sacrament of the Eucharist, around which the entire Mass is structured. So Holy Thursday is a big important feast day. But it's also leading up to Christ's death, which is generally regarded by theologians as a major bummer. So the Mass goes a bit weird. In the middle, the priest shows his humility by washing the feet of the congregation (or, more usually a representative dozen). Then later, the consecrated Host, in the Catholic tradition the true Presence of Jesus Christ is taken in adoration, accompanied by several beautiful Latin hymns, around the church and into the rear of the church by the tabernacle. Then it's over and they turn off the lights. Literally. Depending on one's point of view, it is either the most anticlimactic moment in the Liturgical year, or the best cliffhanger, preparing the attendee for the Passion to come in the rest of the Triduum.
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Mar. 26th, 2002 10:23 am
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On page 360 out of 656, and I am falling in love with a fictional character.

This has not happened before in a novel. Occasionally (well more than occasionally, really) I've been afflicted with an infatuation for a fictional character on the big screen, or more often on the small. Both of these were different, though, because dramatic characters are necessarily infused with the reality of their portrayors. Buffy the Vampire Slayer may be an amazing character, but adoration for Buffy is siphoned off to Sarah Michelle Gellar, who embodies her, whose life and intelligence create Buffy week after week after week.

Mere minutes after I write "The way to this man's heart is through his vocabulary," I stumble upon a girl who dreams fantastic words. Further, she is entirely made of words; there is no corpuscular reality to distract from my feelings toward Rosa Luxemburg Saks, who lives solely in the pages of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay. Of course she is beautiful, but that is an afterthought, and redundant. Anyone who is so intelligent, who possesses a Promethean power of thought, cannot be anything other than beautiful.
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The relaxing weekend continues. Did the crosswords slowly (NYT 6, LAT 7 (got stuck on the northeast corner)), then sent out a new contact at Not really expecting much--the girl seems to be rather different from me--but I got a good vibe from the profile, and it contained a trivia question that I felt compelled to answer. (Note to all ladies looking to ensnare me with their feminine wiles: Trivia questions are a good start. Further, the way to this man's heart is through his vocabulary.) Now I think I'll read, write, nap and/or watch a movie, as my whim may direct me.
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Please remind me to kill myself the next time I agree to do overtime.

After six days, I can enjoy a weekend. And enjoy it I shall. I woke up, watched the Oscars (very mediocre, with the exception of Allen's appearance), went back to bed, napped for a little, got up again, checked email, did the crosswords, and now I'll update a bit before I lie down, watch Adult Swim, read, and do whatever I wish so long as it doesn't involve work of any kind.

Weekend catch up, all of which is very interesting but will be, unfortunately, rather sizable all together, although not as long (if you can believe it) as the text of this here link. )
tablesaw: -- (Default) sends me a list of about ten possible matches for me every day. This one showed up today:

hay, id like to talk to a nice fun guy.
hay,i am onhere becouse i would like to meet somone, fun,smart,spearatuale and kind harted.i realy love animals i have a horse and a dog, i enjoy,going to the movies watching plays, painting, photagraphy, hanging out with freinds, and i read palms.
i would like to meet somone, funny, rtistic, a litle speratuale and kind harted,. somone who has an imagination, and i have never been with a real romantic guy id like that.

Does "kind harted" mean he goes to stag parties?

On the less disgusting side of personals, I got a reply from a new Match prospect, calling herself Jackie O. Interesting...
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More news from the internet personals front, eharmony not Match. Today I. (aforementioned 5'7" eharmony girl) sent me some questions to answer. (Note the period after "I" indicating the abbreviation of a name when referring to this girl. It may become important to be able to distinguish between I., the eharmony girl, and I, the me.) Let me elaborate upon the eharmony way. Step 1. Person fills out really long personality form. Step 2. Eharmony provides certain prospective matches based on the arcane logic of some psychologist/programmers. Step 3. Person reviews matches and decides whom he wishes to contact. Step 4. Person and match use form surveys provided by eharmony to communicate, in order: (a) premade multiple-choice questions,(b) lists of requirements in a prospective partner, (c) premade open-ended questions, then (d) open-ended questions written by each other. Only after all of this can one (or two in this case) reach Step 5, emailing each other whatever you want.

So I. wins the prize for best original open-ended questions. 1. How did you become a Proofreader? 2. Why are you currently single? 3. What do you enjoy about reading?

The answers... )


Mar. 19th, 2002 05:37 am
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{singing} Work is slow, and the blog's updated...

Woke up early to see Ice Age with friends. 'Twas a surprisingly cute movie. Standard type of plot, but the characters had some nice nuances to keep the story interesting. Better, though, were the moments of pure Chuck Jonesin' heaven. The film's opening shots are some of the best "Bugs Bunny-style" animation I've seen in years. Crazy camera angles, overly exaggerated movements, impeccable timing. Cost nine dollars, though. I hate not being awake for matinees.

After the flick, I drove downtown for a day of overtime. Surprisingly, there was more traffic at 11:30pm than there usually is at 10:30. Part of this was due to an increase in trucks (though that could be merely a Monday thing); the rest was due to the CalTrans work that must get underway between 11:00 and 11:30.

Distro is dead. The only thing to happen has been an attorney who needed some files ASAP. Total time it took me: thirty-six minutes, which includes sixteen minutes trying to find a fax. Why do I know this? Because it's Timesheet Evaluation Week! Now all of my supervisors will know how little I'm doing half of the time. Oh sure, the other half I'm as busy as a frog leaping out of a well, but some days there's just nothing to be done. [Takes off bowler hat. Gives bowler hat to etc., etc.]

So I'm getting a little punchy. And I'm worried because I'm working during what is usually laundry time. My wardrobe is of finite depth, and I am running out of pants. Better see what I can get done when I get home.

More correspondence with girl from eharmony (who shall be referred to herein as "Harmony"). She's very cute, a petite Asian Lady who has not yet made any major spelling errors. I know this because I have now received pictures. I have also sent a picture, but eharmony has decided that it likes thumbnails better than regular files, so my picture just looks like some guy in a really big chair. It is this, but it should also be able to display the rugged charm of my facial features.

Oog. Really punchy now. Must get veek's permission to post Altoido story. Later, then.
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Tying up some loose ends with the personals sites. Starting "open communication" with a girl on eHarmony, which means that we are finally allowed to type whatever we want to each other, rather than using forms. Unfortunately for blog purposes, she is another J. I seem to be attracting them (attracted to them) a disproportionate amount. If more happens, I'll have to invent a suitably cute alias for her. But for now, I'm enjoying her newly sent photos.

In an odd note, the matches I get from eHarmony tend to be rather short. NewJ is 5'2". Since I'm 5'15", that's quite a drop. Others have been 5'1" and even 4'9". Thankfully, there is one prospect, I., who is 5'7", but there are still a few eHarm hoops to leap through before we get to talk.


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