Nov. 21st, 2010 05:09 pm
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I spent some time today tagging old entries, getting up to today's date seven years ago.

If you haven't noticed, I have a tag called "meta:declassified, which I use for posts which used to be filtered but now are open for general reading. After seven years, there are a lot of things that don't need to be so close to the vest. I've also been tagging filters, so that you can see what filter a given post is under (or was under).

I've also found myself adding to the breakup tag, with posts from older relationships. That's been interesting to read through, certainly.

Trying to figure out what my plans should be for tonight. Dungeonmaster's finishing the season (with the obvious exception of the all-star show), and I've been invited out with a different friend as well (though the location has its own problems). I'll figure it out soon enough.
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I've created a new access list for me to talk about my emotions during my breakup. By default, most people with general access to this blog are on this list, with the exception of [ profile] ojouchan and a few mutual friends that I would not feel comfortable venting to at all. You can visit the introductory post to see if you're on the filter.

This filter is not about "picking sides" in the breakup. It's mostly about keeping our emotional fallout sequestered from each other, so that we can move on healthily. But it's also about letting people decide how much they want to hear about that fallout.

In the process of creating the access list, I also renovated my friends lists on LJ and DW. There wasn't anything particularly drastic; most of the people who I removed were inactive journals. However, the undertaking was large enough that I very likely made mistakes.

If you want access (or want renewed access) to this blog or to the breakup filter, you can comment to this post. All responses are screened.
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Short version:
If you want access to locked filters on Dreamwidth, reply to this post at Dreamwidth. If you want access to any particular filter (really the only one that's continuing is the extremely sporadic sex filter), make a note of that too. If you don't have a Dreamwidth account, just respond using an Open ID account, and I'll give that Open ID account access. When you log in with Open ID, you'll be able to see the locked posts. All comments to this entry are screened by default to prevent any undue embarrassment.

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