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Tablesaw Tablesawsen ([personal profile] tablesaw) wrote2003-11-15 07:16 am


Work has been hammering me, and combined with recovering from vacation, I haven't had much time to tackle the items on my list. (Before you ask, [ profile] westernactor, Bounce is still low priority.) The Geek Challenge run by [ profile] shawnj has got me thinking that LJ might be a good medium for a John Ratite Trivia Contest. Next week, I'll be meeting T McAy, who presents Mr. Ratite's dementia to the Grey Labyrinth, so I'll ask him for some tips and see how it goes. (For those not willing to slog through the bulletin board, Ratite games are sort of a virtual game show, where contestants move from station to station answering themed trivia questions to open up more locations. Players get disqualified when they're trapped by strategic maneuvering of other players. The last survivor wins. A bit easier than the rush to get a new question under the deadline of the Geek Challenge.)

SatNYTX: 11:45. That's, like, really fast. Got 1A right off the bat, along with two of the 15s.