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Christmas Trivia.

Despite a creeping throat cold, I ran a Christmas-themed trivia game at my family's Christmas Day party. I borrowed the scoring system called Trivia Football from NPL member Conundrum. Since that scoring system idn't going to work on the weblog, I'm going to offer a modified version.

Each of the questions below has at least eight correct answers. Without using any references, create a list of seven answers. Your score for the question will be the number of correct answers given before giving an incorrect answer. For example, if you were asked to identify the true love's gifts in the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas", and if your answer sheet looked like this:
  1. Maids a-Milking
  2. Lords a-Leaping
  3. Pipettes Piping
  4. A Partridge in a Pear Tree
  5. Golden Rings
  6. McDonald's Happy Meal
  7. Turtledoves
. . . then your score would be two. Although there are five correct answers in total, only two are given before the first incorrect one. Incorrect answers have no penalty, so if you run out of answers you are sure of, you can add other guesses to pad your list out to seven.

1. To the dismay of some and the glee of others, a quirk in the scoring system of the Bowl Championship Series meant that the USC Trojans would not be playing for the National Championship, despite being ranked first in many sportswriters' polls. Although some clamored for a final playoff, the NCAA demurred, wanting to protect the holiday traditions of the Bowls, which are important to the communities where some of the less prestigious bowl games are held. In total, there are 28 bowl games listed on the NCAA website. Four of them, the Sugar, Fiesta, Orange and Rose Bowls, are part of the BCS. One other, the Hawaii Bowl, was on television as this question was originally presented. Can you name seven of the other 23, as listed on the NCAA website?

(Note: On the NCAA website, bowls are listed without their sponsors (e.g., the Orange Bowl is listed as "Orange Bowl", not as "FedEx Orange Bowl." However, there are instances where the entire bowl name is the sponsor; in these cases, it is listed on the NCAA website as such (as in the fictional " Bowl").)

2. The Bing Crosby album White Christmas is a Tablesaw family favorite. The album has twelve tracks, one of which is the titular Irving Berlin song. Can you name seven of the eleven songs on Crosby's "White Christmas other than "White Christmas"?

3. Although Santa Claus lives at the North Pole, the True North does not exist on land. Instead, there is a massive cap of ice covering the northernmost part of the earth. In fact, according to the "" there are only eight countries with land within the Arctic Circle (located at 66 degrees 32 minutes North latitude). Can you name seven of them?

4. As DVDs gain popularity in general, they also become popular Christmas gifts. On December 19, at the height of the holiday shopping season, I checked to check on the best-selling DVDs (in all categories) on that site. Can you name seven titles out of the top fifteen best-selling DVDs?

5. For reasons unknown, Duracell decided not to run its annual Toy Survey in America, even though the tradition continued in Europe. This left a gaping hole in my Trivia Contest that could only be filled by retail toy store Kay Bee. Their website featured "The 2003 Holiday Hot Toys List" which, it claimed, highlighted the season's must-have toys. This list contains nineteen toys, can you name seven of them?

6. On Christmas morning, I gave my mother a copy of the Eleventh Edition of Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, released this summer. Bringing lexicography into the 21st Century, a purchase of this volume also nets one a CD-ROM version of the dictionary, allowing one to use complex searches of all definitions. Using this feature, one would discover that there are twenty-five entries that include the word "Christmas" in the text of their definition. Also, there is one additional entry with the word "Christmastime" in its definition and one additional entry with "Christmastide" in its definition. Eight of these have been disqualified because they have the word Christmas in them: Christmas, Christmas cactus, Christmas card, Christmas club, Christmastide, Christmastime, Christmas tree, and Xmas. Can you name seven of the remaining twenty words and phrases whose definitions include the word "Christmas," "Christmastime," or "Christmastide"?

7. If you attended Christmas Vigil Mass on Christmas Eve (and if it was presided by a traditional and unhurried priest) then you heard a the beginning of the Gospel of Matthew, starting with the words "The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham." This genealogy begins with Abraham, continues through David and ends with Joseph, Mary and Jesus. In total, the genealogy lists 46 names, one of which appears twice. Other than the five names I've already mentioned (Abraham, David, Joseph, Mary and Jesus), can you name seven of the remaining 41 as taken from the genealogy in the Gospel of Matthew in the New American Bible?

(Note: The name that appears twice in the genealogy can only be used as an answer once.)

8. The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade traditionally kicks off the holiday shopping season as it wends its way through New York City. Giant helium balloons have been a staple of this parade since their introduction in 1927. In 2003, there were twenty-eight balloon attractions in the parade. Can you name seven?

Answers will be accepted by e-mail until the end of the year. The winner or winners will receive some stuff that's lying around my house.