Nov. 24th, 2003

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Sometimes, it's hard to explain puzzles to those unfamiliar with them. Unsurprisingly, Will Shortz, currently the only person with a degree in Enigmatology, has given a perfect answer in an interview for Wired Magazine:
Q: Why are we so drawn to puzzles?
A: We're faced with puzzles every day in life. What's the fastest way to run some errands? What's the lowest price we can get on home repair? Most problems we're faced with, we just do the best we can — we muddle through. We never know if it's the best solution or not. With a human-made puzzle, when you answer the challenge, you know you have a perfect solution. It's satisfying.
Perfect solutions. If you can understand that concept, you'd be a good member of the National Puzzlers' League.

I'll talk in depth about the party later, but first, I want to talk about something else I'm doing here. I mentioned the idea of holding an LJ trivia contest earlier, and I got a chance to talk with brilliant triva man T McAy at the party. He offered me some tips and encouragement, and so now I can proudly announce a journal designed specifically for such a trivia contest: [ profile] johnratite. Check out the announcement, and add the journal to your friends list to become a player. If you're reading this journal, want to play, and don't have a journal, contact me and I'll try to get you a code. (Note: I'll only distribute codes to people I know or who have been vouched for.) I'll probably get things started by the end of this weekend, using the Thanksgiving holiday to prepare the rules of play and such.


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