Jul. 13th, 2004

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I'm safely home from convention. I've nestled myself back into the house. Of course, there's no food in the house, because I didn't want any food in the house going bad. So maybe I'll go get some food. When I get back, maybe I'll tidy up a bit and watch a whole bunch of Angel.

It was a great vacation. Audio excerpts of it can be found below, now with handy titles so that you can tell which one is which. I'll try and spruce them up abit as the week goes on too. Adding context and information and pictures that relate.

Of course, not everything fit in there, so I'll have to do some writing too. Most especially, I want to tell you all about Kid Beyond. I mentioned that we were going to see his show, but . . . uh . . . Short version: See his shows [Link removed 8/13/11; originally "http://www.biggerbread.com/shows.htm"]. Now. Fly to one if you have to.

In the mean time, here's what some other people have been writing about this past week from NPL Members Lunch Boy, Saphir, Foggy, and Wesley. There will, undoubtedly be more, and I'll probably keep linking them. Also, there is a notable report of one event from a passerby, describing the game of Schroggle. This person appears to have been armed with a better camera than any of the Krewe, so I think we're all thankful to her.

Also, in the meanwhile, I've probably got no chance of reading all of what's happened to all of you in the past week, so feel free to vaingloriously give me the highlights.

Hm. It's the food of the now time eating bye.
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I thought I should mention this. Technically, it happened after the convention, but anyway . . .

I get to the airport and have to rush through security to get into a tiny tiny gate that only has two flights. I find myself seated next to a very cute young woman solving a crossword. So I test the waters, "Is the crossword any good?" "No," she responds, "it's way too easy."


I mention that I was at the NPL convention. She said she'd heard about it from a local newspaper. It was really interesting, she thought, though she didn't attend. I told her about some of the events. We chatted about how Boston has many people who are unafraid to be smart. We touched upon the MIT Mystery Hunt. Then our 5:30 flight was called.

Except that she was on a different 5:30 flight leaving from the gate next door to mine.

One could argue that, after having a wonderful week in Boston, it would have been too much to ask to be on a plane with another cute and smart Bostonian. But I won't argue that. I argue that it was Boston taking its revenge on me for not being able to dump frozen water on my head.

Stupid Boston. Stupid city full of smart people.


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